Mascara and eyelash curler – a girl’s best friend… or NOT?

A new client came in today to get a full set done. After a detailed consultation and deciding on the design she likes, she lies down and I looked at her lashes for the first time, and this is what I saw.





Can you see that some of her lashes are cut off? All the blunt ends are the lashes that were cut off.

I see this quite often and many new clients tell me “I curl my lashes and wear lots of mascara, but for some reason my lashes seem shorter :(”

“That is because you’re chopping off your own lashes”! I tell them. I hope that this post will inspire people who do not wear extensions to take care of your precious lashes better :)


3 causes for lashes that are cut off

1. Excessive rubbing

Does your eyes get itchy from time to time? I know there is an urge to rub hard and it feels sooooo good, but try and resist the urge! You might be breaking your lashes due to too much rubbing. This may happen during the day but most of the time it happens in your sleep or when you just woke up. I know its hard to break a habit but if you become a little more conscious about your rubbing, it will get better :)

2. Waterproof mascara

Waterproof mascara makes your lashes very brittle, and because they are so hard to get off, people tend to rub pretty hard against their lashes when removing waterproof mascara. Brittle-ness of the lashes + hard rubbing = Big NO NO. This will cause your lashes to break, or you might pull out a lash or two from the roots. My suggestion is to avoid waterproof mascara all together. No exception, when a new client comes in and tells me she has been using waterproof mascara every day, her lashes are damaged!

3. Eyelash curlers

I used to love love love the curlers before I discovered eyelash extensions. Used correctly they are a great tool to give an extra lift to your lashes but I want you to stop and think for a second. When is the last time you changed the rubber inside your curler? If your answer is longer than 3 months and you use the curler every day, it is time to change that little rubber! What happens is as you clamp down the curlers, the curler will eventually cut through the rubber. When this happens, the eyelash curler act similar to scissors and you can really do some serious damage. I’ve seen a girl who chopped off her lashes with her curler, and outer half of her eye lashes were only 2-3mm long (average Asian lashes are 6-7mm long). When using eyelash curlers, be sure to change the rubber inside often, and do not clamp too hard!


I hope this post helped!

Happy Lashing
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