Since 2008, Divine Lashes has been in the heart of the new trend called eyelash extensions. Our genuine curiosity and passion has lead us to constantly seek out the best application methods, techniques and products used in the industry.

We have designed this course to share with you our building blocks of knowledge, discoveries and experiences which has built the solid foundation of our success in the industry.

This course is welcome for students with no prior experience, and is designed to equip you with the right knowledge, technique and skills to become an elite eyelash extension stylist.

Our training course is available at our Montreal Salon and Toronto Salon. Our training program is recognized by Revenu Quebec (your tuition is tax deductible).

Course Outline

Our unique hands on 2.5 days classic (one by one) eyelash application course will cover topics such as;

  • History and innovation of eyelash extensions
  • Product theory
  • Hygiene management, sanitation and safety
  • Physiology of eyelashes
  • Optimal work space set up
  • Design and styling technique
  • Proper application technique
  • Customer service and troubleshooting
  • Business marketing and advertising

Our students will learn how to apply a full set of extensions safely using different techniques and application methods. The course also focuses on customer care, customer service and troubleshooting to start you off with the right knowledge and confidence to build your business.

We spread out the dates of training (ie Day 1 and Day 2) so the students will have the time to review the material and practice between Day 1 and 2. The students will be sent home with homework, and are asked to practice. Normally, when students attempt to apply the lashes on their own, more questions arise and those can be addressed on Day 2. Also, after the 2 days of training, the students are required to come back at a later date (within 3 mo) for a final “exam”. To receive the training certificate, students will be required to do one live model in front of the instructor.


The training is semi-private, up to 3 students per class. This way the training will be thorough, effective and you will get a lot of attention from the instructor. The course is available for 1250$+taxes. A complimentary starter kit is included (200$ value, enough for 20 applications):

  • Pair of tweezers
  • Mixed lengths of false eyelashes
  • Under eye patches
  • Tape
  • Disposable applicators
  • Eyelash extension remover
  • Adhesive for eyelash extensions
  • Eyelash cleanser
  • Primer

Please note that you will be responsible to arrange your own models for the course.

Upcoming dates – Toronto

To register for our next session please contact to book your spot!

50% deposit required at the time of registration.

Upcoming dates – Montreal

To register for our next session please contact to book your spot!

50% deposit required at the time of registration.