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Classic Glamour Full Sets

March 20 Transformation 300x225 1Recently we posted about Classic Natural Full Sets to show you how it looks. Our Classic Natural Full Sets are 80 lashes per eye, for some people this will give them the fullness they desire, for others the Natural set may not be full enough. This depends on your style prefernece and your natural lashes. For someone who has sparce natural lashes, or does not like wearing make-up the natural set if for you. However, if youre on the other side of the fence and you want something fuller you can book a Classic Glamour Full Sets. The Glam set includes 100 lashes per eye, we also offer a first time client promo for this service. Make sure you use our promo code: FIRSTCLASS when you book. During consultation you and the Lash Artist can talk about your preference in style, length and thickness. So it comes down to, does 20 extra eyelash extensions actually make a difference? YES!

img 4003Dolly:

Natual Sweep Eye Design has the longest lashes carried out from the middle to the outter corner. This design is a combination of Feline Flick and the Dolly Lift. This design will open up your eyes both horizonally and vertically. The shape of the design resembles how our natural lashes grow, and will look most natural when the length is relatively short. It will look the most dramatic with longer length lashes because the longer lashes cover the most distance out of the three designs. This client is using thicker eyelash extensions, this is the most volume you can achieve with Classic Natural Full Set.


The Feline Flick places the longest lashes at the outer corners. This will elongate your eyes horizontally and will give you the “Winged” or “Cat Eye” effect. This design compliments well with winged eyeliner. Feline Flick is a good choice for clients who wear glasses as the long lashes (depending on the length) usually do not flick against the glasses each time you blink.

nsweepNatural Sweep / Feline:

This client is wearing the NSweep with a flick at the end. When choosing the Feline Flick, the longest lashes are in the otter corner, and the lashes from the inner corner to the middle are usually the same length of your natural lash. This is because the lashes at the end have to have a minimum of 2mm difference in length. So this makes the lashes most noticeable at the end. When you choose the Natural Sweep, it gradually increases just like our natural lashes. When combining the two, you get the Natural sweep effect of noticeable lashes everywhere plus a little more length at the ends. This mix will both elongate and open up the eye.

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