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Hello beauties, if we haven’t formally met yet I’m Felicia. I have been working at Divine Lashes in Toronto for a year and a half. As some of you may know, I recently got fully trained for volume this year- as of July 1st. Now that I am fully trained in both classic and volume, I get asked a lot which of the two techniques I like more.

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To be honest, I really like both classic and volume for different reasons because both have a different look and require a different technique. However, if I had to only pick one, I would say I am loving volume right now. I may be favouring volume because it is so new to me… However, I find that volume is so customizable that it can fit anyone’s needs.

When I am doing volume for the first time on a client their first concern is if volume will look too heavy. When most people think of volume, they are picturing mega volume which is thick and dense looking. Some would compare it to having a feather on their eyelid. Mega volume can be nice for someone who likes to wear a full face of makeup or enjoys glam looks… For everyday wear it can be heavy.

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Before I explain further why volume is my favourite, lets talk about the difference between the two. Classic extensions are one extension per one natural lash and volume is multiple extensions per one natural lash. For those who don’t know, here at Divine Lashes we use very thin extensions because the lighter the extension the less weight on your natural lash which prevents damage. It is important to know what thickness is used for different reasons to better understand why volume is so customizable. 

For people who do not have many natural lashes or experience gaps in their lashes- volume is great. Since volume is multiple lashes fanned out it covers more area of the eye which helps fill in the gaps. With volume you decide how full you want them. With 0.05 extensions we can use anywhere from 5 to 8 extensions to make a fan- depending on your natural lash. If you want a natural look we can use the 5 lashes to make a fan or we can use 0.03’s with 7 to 8 extensions. This can give you a similar look to our Classic Natural Full Set but it’s fluffier!

Volume is my current favourite because gives us a wide range of possibilities. It also allows for more flexibility with design. Plus, I love the look of fluffy lashes and I can achieve this with 0.03’s fanned out! To see different ways to have volume visit our Instagram page.

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