What is this?

Eyelash extension close-up up with sebum buildup

Do you know what this is?

Do you remember having your first-time consultation? Remember when your Divine Lashes Artist passed you the bottle of liquid gold? We mean the Lash Shampoo? Yeah, this is a post dedicated to what happens when you DON’T was your lashes.

SPOILER: It’s not pretty.
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This client has been coming to Divine Lashes for about a year, and never had this on her lash line. Her lash tech immediately started asking questions. The client advised that she hadn’t been cleaning her lashes as often, but she had noticed something in her lashes and wasn’t sure what it was. Her lashes were in recovery mode so many of her extensions had grown out, and she was able to see her build up a little better. She also tried to remove some of the chunks and so her eyelashes are very messy (twisted).

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Her skin is oily, and her eyelids as well. We think this is just her natural oils that build up on the lash line. Because the oil is sitting it solidifies and creates these chunks of sebum. They don’t cause any discomfort or feeling to the eyelid, but their hard to remove. One of the bigger problems with the buildup is this is lash mite food! Every night her little lash mite friends are having a feast.  

This client doesn’t wear make-up and does not wear product on her face. So you’re probably wondering what is that?

Divine Lashes Lash Shampoo suppresses the growth of bacteria and makes sure your lash line is clean. Which means it eliminates excess food for your lash mites. Thankfully the Lash Artist found it just in time and was able to help the client re-educate about washing, and how to keep this at bay. 

Point of the story: WASH YOUR LASHES!

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