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Classic Natural Full Sets

Eyelash Extensions have become a staple in the beauty industry, and many women use the ease of extensions to minimize time spent in front of a mirror everyday. Before booking an appointment some clients are unsure of what eyelash set and style would suit their taste and style, and sometimes opt for the first thing they see. At Divine Lashes we have a special promo for first time clients and our Classic Natural Full Set is the most popular. Here you can see how a Natural Full Set looks on different eye shapes that have been customized in thickness and length to help cater to everyones style. You can book an appointment at Divine Lashes for Eyelash Extentions in Toronto by clicking here. You can also book an appointment for Eyelash Extensions in Montreal or Laval by visiting our main page, look at the right top hand corner and clicking which location you wish to book for.

The Natural Full Set has 80 lashes per eye, depending on your natural lashes the eye design is tweaked to be longer or shorter in length. Our eyelash artists will never apply lashes that are too heavy or thick for your natural lashes. For some the Classic Natural Full Set is enough to give a full look, however others may find this set is too bare for them. This is because everyone has a different amount of eyelashes, in different thicknesses and lengths too. Here are photos of the Classic Natural Full Sets in different eye designs.

img 4003 1Natural Sweep:

Natual Sweep Eye Design has the longest lashes carried out from the middle to the outter corner. This design is a combination of Feline Flick and the Dolly Lift. This design will open up your eyes both horizonally and vertically. The shape of the design resembles how our natural lashes grow, and will look most natural when the length is relatively short. It will look the most dramatic with longer length lashes because the longer lashes cover the most distance out of the three designs. This client is using thicker eyelash extensions, this is the most volume you can achieve with Classic Natural Full Set.

img 4007Dolly:

 This design has the longest lashes in the middle so that it will open up your eyes. It will make your eyes look rounder and eyes look bigger vertically. This client has thinner but longer eyelash extensions.

img 3979Feline Flick:

The Feline Flick places the longest lashes at the outer corners. This will elongate your eyes horizontally and will give you the “Winged” or “Cat Eye” effect. This design compliments well with winged eyeliner. Feline Flick is a good choice for clients who wear glasses as the long lashes (depending on the length) usually do not flick against the glasses each time you blink.

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