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Eyeliner Lashes

Everything you need to know about regular eyeliner use with eyelash extensions.

When you get eyelash extensions done most people don’t feel the need to wear any makeup. They have a beautiful full set of extensions to their desired density and length.

Sometimes, for special occasions, or before fills I find that clients want to add definition to their eyes with a little bit of liner. There are many different types of eyeliners out there in the make up market. There are pencils, kohl liners, gel liners, liquid liners, etc.- and they all come in different textures and consistencies.

With eyelash extensions, you want to make sure you use something that is easy to take off at the end of the night when you wash off all your make up. At Divine Lashes we always encourage our clients to wash their eyes and make sure your lashes are clean. This is so there won’t be any damage to your natural lashes and pores will be open for new lashes to grow in. With build up of make up on your lash line, it will clog your pores and damage your natural lashes, and even accumulate lash mites! What we recommend for removal of eyeliner/eye make up would be a water cleanser or any type of make up remover that is oil – free.

We recommend micellar water such as Bioderma. When you remove it, you can use a flocked applicator and dip it in the micellar water. The flocked applicator helps to remove eyeliner and makeup along the lash line. This way the eyeliner will glide right off! There are many other tools you can use to remove make up. Check out our Instagram for all your #EyelashTips. Anything with a hard surface that is lint free is a good choice with your eyelash extensions.

Moving onto eyeliner choices with eyelash extensions, anything with a hard surface/tip is always a better choice than something that is soft or smudgy. You want to keep in mind that with a softer eyeliner, it will be harder to remove. Liquid liner is a great option for eyelash extensions! Kat Von D liquid liner is a good option; and we usually recommend it to our clients. However, if you have your preference in liner here are the tips we give our clients so they can choose the right eyeliner.

Tips For Choosing an Eyeliner:
  • No Waterproof eyeliner (or eye makeup)
  • No pencil liners
  • Avoid tightlining
  • Don’t use eyeliners that have latex in them

Each of these tips is crucial for the retention of your eyelash extensions, and the health of your natural lashes. Waterproof eyeliner and make up in general usually need an oil based make up remover. Which means one of two things:

One: If you used an oil based make up remover your eyelash extensions are going to come off quickly. Oil breaks the bond of lash adhesive.

Two: If you DONT use an oil based make up remover then you are going to be spending a lot more time cleaning off the make up. Which means you are excessively rubbing or causing friction on your eyelashes. This will make your natural lashes think out and your extensions come off.

Pencil liners tend to have a waxy consistency and get stuck between extensions very easily. Plus there’s a little gap between your skin and where the extension sits. This tiny space is very hard to clean and pencil liner is the main culprit of hiding here. If you find that you have make up that is difficult to remove try using a clean eyeshadow brush with oil free make up remover. The bristles get between each eyelash extensions.

Tight lining is another make up habit that affects your retention. Why? Although you’re applying the eyelash extensions on your water liner the liner itself is getting between the extensions and natural lashes. When applying the lashes from the bottom of your lash line its harder to clean.

The last tip that may have some people wondering: is there actually latex in liners? Oh yes, oh yes there is. There is one specific eyeliner that is AMAZING for staying in place but HORRIBLE for eyelash extensions. It is with regret that we inform you its the Stilla Liquid Liner. Especially the waterproof liner. There are many variations of latex, and unfortunately they can be hard to spot in products. We find that specifically Stilla is very hard to remover. Plus it wraps around the base of the lashes and literally has to be removed with a tweezer.

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