Lash Crimes – Part One

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What is a lash crime? Something horrible. Unthought-of crimes.

It’s when innocent lashes are harmed.

Yes, we’re being 100% serious. Unfortunately, we see this often! Divine Lashes Toronto and Montreal locations both provide eyelash extension removal. It’s during these appointments we have seen the worst Lash Crimes… of the worst. The way we lash at Divine Lashes is not like other salon’s lash- we mean it.

Naoko Ito, Owner and Director of Divine Lashes meticulously trains Lash Artist in her own created technique. What’s so special about her technique? It’s so delicate that her eyelash techs can provide eyelash extensions to people with the most damaged of lashes. (This is a story for another time.)

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Owner of Divine Lashes Montreal, Asako Ito, demonstrating proper application, to staff.

The standard training for eyelash extension technicians is on average two days long. In two days, they learn theory and application. Which is why it is so hard to find quality lashes…

Most training is rushed, have bigger numbers and do not provide one on one private training. The standard lash extension used in salons is too thick and bulky for a majority of people’s natural lashes, and isolation is not focused on. As an eyelash tech, this is immensely problematic for clients. It means that MANY people get botched jobs on their eyelashes.

The worst part? They don’t even know it!

If you get your nails done, and the shape of each nail is not quite the same… Every single time you get a fill your nails come out the same, a little uneven. This is the only salon in your area providing nail services, and you’ve never had nail services before. You most likely don’t know that the standard for nail services is to have your nails ALL even! This example may sound silly to some.

Think about it like this:
  • Your eyes are closed
  • You cannot see what’s going on
  • You’re relatively new to the eyelash game
  • The lash tech servicing you tells you what you feel and experience is the norm

Your conclusion: Great and normal eyelash service.

This is why SO many lash crimes are committed. That’s why so many lash crimes go undetected! (You can catch some of these photos on our Instagram!)

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This client came in from another salon for a fill- and this is exactly why we do not offer fills to clients who have been lashed at another salon. In the case we allow it, we always inform the client that a removal and new set may be necessary.

You can see that on one eye she has a “Nailhead” That’s when the eyelash was glued to the skin and the glue formed a disc shape on the skin. In the photo, its not very apparent but, little peach-full baby lashes were ripped out.

Nail head This was glued to her skin 300x300 1

Are you wondering why it’s lifted? That’s because the lash is growing out and pulls the glue off the skin as it grows out. This is damaging to the natural lashes because any lashes in the premises of the glue, will most likely be ripped out. Plus, it doesn’t let any lashes grow out because the hair follicle is clogged.

This can also cause contact dermatitis; irritation to the skin caused by contact. Not to mention, this is extremely uncomfortable for clients! In the next photo, you can see that this client has a huge sticky.

A sticky is when two or more lashes and/or extensions are glued together. There’s a cluster of lashes that were glued together. This is horrible! Proper eyelash extension placement is onto one natural lash, this ensures the natural lashes can grow (if still in a growing phase) and shed healthily.

When there are stickies, what happens is that the natural lash that is ready to shed pulls on the other lashes and extensions that it’s glued to. If the lash is still in a growing phase, then it pulls onto the other lashes and sometimes pulling them out.

Pulling out natural lashes prematurely can affect and/or damage the hair follicle. When eyelash techs have a lot of stickies, consistently, their client’s lashes usually look very “gappy” and damaged.

We’re going to continue this series, unfortunately, we have a ton more examples! Educating clients so they know how proper application and quality feel is important to us! We also love hearing about lash techs improving their skill set.

Have a question about your extensions or about application? DM us on Instagram!

Lash Crimes… To be continued.

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