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How long do lashes last?

We get this question a lot. “How long do my lashes last?”

There are many different factors affecting the hold, but at Divine Lashes, we average at around 50% of lashes at the end of 3 weeks (21 days). (I recently found out our new staff is averaging at a whopping 65-70% hold after 3 weeks! She will share her little trick at our monthly staff training in January 2014 so all of our staff’s average hold will keep on going up and up and up!)

Here is a picture!

 Full set of lashes freshly done

2014 3 13 full set

Same client came back 21 days later.

2014 3 13 after 3 weeks.jpg

It might be a little difficult for you to tell from the picture, but she lost about half the lashes from the full set in 3 weeks, so she is maintaining well 🙂

During the touchup appointment, we clean the lashes, check the base of lashes for any makeup residue and other debris, check the state of your natural lashes, then we take off any dislodged extensions, and we fill in the gaps with new extensions!

If you notice that your hold is worse than this client, you might be doing something that affects the hold of your lashes. Home care is very very important to maximize the hold of your extensions. We will discuss about the proper care in another post!

Happy lashing
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