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Mega Volume vs. Everyday Volume

The world of eyelash extensions has exploded! You can get your lashes done around the world, and virtually every city has salons that offer eyelash extensions. This is where quantity and availability do not match quality. Unfortunately, due to the popularity of extensions, everyone is either training or being trained. Applying eyelashes is an art and takes time and practice. Proper application is the key to not damaging your client’s lashes. Standard training in Toronto is only a couple of days, and then Lash Artists are certified and start applying on friends and family and sometimes start charging right away! In two days you cannot perfect applying lashes, isolation or retain all the knowledge that you need to make it safe to apply for extensions on others. With this being said there are many well trained lash artists that have a deep knowledge and talent!

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We apply lashes on bare lashes and see the damage of everyday habits and routines. Sometimes we have clients come in from other salons because something doesn’t look or feel right to them. Last week we had a client come in who was seen by a well-known lash tech who is accredited for her Volume Extensions. She is know for her full mega-volume photo-perfect lashes! Above is an example of mega volume lashes done by Asako Ito, Owner or Divine Lashes Montreal & Laval.

If you look at the top photo, you can see that her natural lashes have extensions on every lash! To achieve this photo-ready and eyecatching look you need to lash every single lash. Everyone has lashes in different thicknesses and lengths. Each lash is in a different part of the lash cycle. The three stages are: Anogen, Catogen and Telogen. Baby lash, teeenage lashes and adult lashes. Baby lashes are short and usually thinner, we do not recomment lashing baby lashes with regular techniques. Teenage lashes which have not reached their full growth but are safe to lash, and then adult lashes in which are in resting phase. These lashes are the longest and/or thickest and are the first ones to get lashed.

So when applying lashes, Lash Artist are usually taught to apply extensions on teenage and adult lashes. In the photo above you can see the client has completely filled ALL the natural lashes regardless of the stage they are in. Clients LOVE this now, but in 3 weeks they HATE this. Why?


This is 3 weeks from application by a well known and experienced artist. Her lashes were full and fluffy but are now a (not so hot) mess. First, we want to let you know that the first photo and the photo above are two different clients. The first photo is to show “mega volume” lashes. The well known artist who lashes the photo above, lashes almost all her client this way. Full-Full-Full. Second, the photo above was taken by Asako, and this is what a full set looks like after three weeks.

“Theres no doubt that a well done mega volume set is stunning, bold, dark and beautiful. These sets take a lot of time, precision and mad skills. As a seasoned stylist, I can really appreciate the art of mega volume. However, customers should know the ugly truth about these bold and beautiful sets.”

-Asako Ito

The problem is that the same length extensions are applied on both mature (adult) lashes and baby lashes that are right beside the mature lash. So after a fresh set, they look uniform and beautiful but when they grow out they look like the above. The mature lashes fall out naturally whereas the baby lashes are still growing. In 3 weeks, the natural lash growth will mess up the design, and it could potentially cause damage (extensions that are sticking out are more likely to get caught and get ripped out). That’s not to mention the weight that’s on the baby lashes, is the same as the mature lashes. If there is too much weight on a lash it could snap off or weaken. Mega Volume is not something that can be maintained long term because of the technique it uses.

“I only perform these mega volume sets for special occasions such as photoshoots, wedding or for entering lash competitions. Because the truth is these sets are way to heavy to be worn on a continuous basis.”

-Asako Ito


Asako gave her a safe volume set that would not damage her lashes or look messy in three weeks. So how do Lash Artists at Divine Lashes achieve density and not damage the natural lashes? We fill the mature lashes first, and when applying on less mature lashes we use shorter and/or thinner lashes. The shorter lashes will not poke out as they grow, they will simply grow to be the same length as the other extensions and then will be replaced at your next fill.

Don’t believe that your lashes can still look fabulous during week three as they did on day 1? Take a look at this 3 week retention photo. Here you can see there was minimal loss after 3 weeks AND they still look even. There are no messy ones sticking out and her lashes look healthy- and will continue that way!


You can find even more photos on retention, lash rescues & transformations on our Instagram & Facebook!


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