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Natural Lash Magic

Once you start extensions, it’s hard to let them go. We know… We understand. Many make the assumption that natural lashes get damaged the longer you wear extensions. However, this is not true when your eyelash extensions are properly applied. Eyelash Extensions have to be selected according to clients- we’ve said this a lot on…
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Lash Crimes – Part One

What is a lash crime? Something horrible. Unthought-of crimes. It’s when innocent lashes are harmed. Yes, we’re being 100% serious. Unfortunately, we see this often! Divine Lashes Toronto and Montreal locations both provide eyelash extension removal. It’s during these appointments we have seen the worst Lash Crimes… of the worst. The way we lash at…
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What is this?

Do you know what this is? Do you remember having your first-time consultation? Remember when your Divine Lashes Artist passed you the bottle of liquid gold? We mean the Lash Shampoo? Yeah, this is a post dedicated to what happens when you DON’T was your lashes. SPOILER: It’s not pretty. This client has been coming…
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Women with volume lashes on left eye and no lashes on right eye

Self-Isolation + Extensions Part Two

More details on how to get healthy lashes at home! In our first post from Self-Isolation + Extensions, we spoke about how to safely remove your extensions and how you can grow and care for your natural lashes. Today, we want to focus a little more on natural lashes. How can we sustain healthy natural…
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Self-Isolation + Eyelash Extensions

How to take care of your remaining extensions while in self-solation and some natural lash tips. As most of you know, Divine Lashes is closed in lieu of Covid-19. While we are all being socially responsible and self-isolating and in quarantine; I think it would be a great time to give you some eyelash tips….
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The Lash Zone

Getting in the Lash Zone at Divine Lashes by Catou Lashes are a climbing industry. Everyone seems to be getting into it and finding themselves a certification but doing lash extensions is really not for everyone. Being a Divine Lashes lash artist means quite a few things. On the surface it means bringing amazing lashes…
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Classic vs. Volume – Felicia

Hello beauties, if we haven’t formally met yet I’m Felicia. I have been working at Divine Lashes in Toronto for a year and a half. As some of you may know, I recently got fully trained for volume this year- as of July 1st. Now that I am fully trained in both classic and volume,…
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Active Campaign Newsletter Preview

Divine Lashes Newletter

Eyelash Extensions are so much more than meets the eye- literally. There’s a magic to having eyelash extensions… At Divine Lashes we make that magic happen. Waking up, splashing your face with some water and running out the door. Many business professions love extensions for this exact reason! The time it allows them for other…
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Headshop of Asako Ito and Naoko Ito. Owners of Divine Lashes.

Asako (left) and Naoko (right) are the owners of Divine Lashes – a site for lash lovers to come together and learn more about eyelash extensions. Ever since we started the business in 2008, we’ve loved every minute of the journey.  Hopefully we can make you love lashing as much as we do!


Manuals for the Divine Lashes eyelash extension course

Divine Lashes is accredited by the government of Quebec as an educational institution. We offer comprehensive classic and volume eyelash extensions courses designed to equip you with the right knowledge, technique and skills to become an elite eyelash extension stylist.

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