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Eyelash tray with several types of eyelash extensions

Eyelash Extension Types: A Helpful Guide

You’ve decided you want eyelash extensions. Congratulations on deciding to look your best. But, have you thought about what type of extensions you want? How do you pick the right one? What are the common types of eyelash extensions available today?  The most popular eyelash extension types are mink, silk and synthetic. Lash extensions can…
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Right eye with long eyelash extensions

How Long do Eyelash Extensions Last (1100 Clients Analyzed)

You’ve just got a new gorgeous set of eyelash extensions applied at your favorite salon. Of course, you would like to maintain that look for as long as possible and avoid having your eyelash extensions falling out. But what should you expect? We’ve analyzed 1100 of our clients to understand how long eyelash extensions last….
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cluster lashes 1

Cluster Lashes: An Outdated Technique to Avoid at All Cost

The eyelash extension industry is constantly evolving as our knowledge improves. It is important to keep up with the most updated information and state of the art technique if you want what’s best for the health of your natural lashes. In this case, cluster lashes (also called flare lashes) were popular 10-15 years ago, but…
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Eyelash Extensions = Self Care

Many people think of eyelashes as high maintenance, but the truth is that eyelash extensions are more than just a service. Providing a relaxing, safe and comfortable space goes beyond just aesthetics. Our clients get some time to recharge, replenish and release… Our space has comfy, padded beds, a fluffy blanket and our lash techs…
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Application1 768x1024 1

My Lashes Look… | Divine Lashes

You’ve probably examined your eyelashes and had a moment of- oh my gosh. My lashes are short… Thin… “Gappy”… Take a deep breath in. Let me explain: While wearing extensions from Divine Lashes your lashes are most likely healthier than when you first visited. You’re used to seeing your eyes with beautiful extensions. Extensions give…
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Lash Crimes 3 Edit 2 1024x1024 1

Lash Crimes – Part Three

Yes, another lash crime. During the year we have many clients who travel and take extended vacations. This client went on a road trip across Canada, and then to her cottage out in Ottawa. By the time she was scheduled to be back, she was hitting her six-week mark, which is the timing for a…
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She Didn’t Know!

This client got a set and fill done at a different salon, and visited us for a fill. She noted that she wanted something full, dense and fabulous! However, she only booked for classics. We asked her why she chose classics instead of volume extensions if she wants something full? She told us she had…
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LashTherapy IG 1 1024x1024 1

Lash Crimes Part Two

We started “Lash Crimes” series in light of educating clients on proper application and to show the reality of eyelash extensions when not applied properly. A lot of our clients ask our lash artist’s “How long have you been doing this?” The truth is, if a lash tech had mediocre training and didn’t get a…
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Headshop of Asako Ito and Naoko Ito. Owners of Divine Lashes.

Asako (left) and Naoko (right) are the owners of Divine Lashes – a site for lash lovers to come together and learn more about eyelash extensions. Ever since we started the business in 2008, we’ve loved every minute of the journey.  Hopefully we can make you love lashing as much as we do!


Manuals for the Divine Lashes eyelash extension course

Divine Lashes is accredited by the government of Quebec as an educational institution. We offer comprehensive classic and volume eyelash extensions courses designed to equip you with the right knowledge, technique and skills to become an elite eyelash extension stylist.

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