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Eyeliner Lashes

Eyeliner + Eyelash Extensions

Everything you need to know about regular eyeliner use with eyelash extensions. When you get eyelash extensions done most people don’t feel the need to wear any makeup. They have a beautiful full set of extensions to their desired density and length. Sometimes, for special occasions, or before fills I find that clients want to…
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Lash mite infestation on lash line. Circled lash mites eggs.

Eyelash Mites: The Truth About Eyelash Extensions (With Pictures)

If you have visited Divine Lashes then you have heard us talk to you about eyelash mites. I know, gross. However, it is important to know what lash mites are and how to prevent an infestation. Lash mites or eyelash mites (also known as Demodex folliculitis) are microscopic parasites found in the follicles on our…
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Happy Mothers Day from Divine Lashes

2019 is flying by and we are officially on one of the most wonderful days of the year! Mothers Day! As a lash tech we see mom’s everyday and we find it so important to make women feel good. Especially moms, because we all know that being a mom is a 24/7 job. So, why…
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kelly feaured

Divine Lashes + Kelly

When I first started learning about eyelash extensions a few years ago, it sparked my interest and I took a short course which ended up being only 2 days. At the time, I didn’t think anything of the length of thr course and thought it was normal. By the end of the two day lash…
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felicia featured

My First 6 Months – Felicia

My first time ever lashing has been through the guidance and teachings of Naoko Ito in her salon, Divine Lashes, here in Toronto. Prior to this, I had no knowledge or training in Eyelash Extensions and had first heard about it through my best friend Catarina who works here at the salon. From there, every…
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Being a Lash Artist at Divine Lashes

My name is Aline and I am a Junior Stylist at Divine Lashes. I came from Brazil, where I obtained my certificate as a Lash Artist, but when I started working with Asako at Divine Lashes in Montreal, I started to learn a lot of things that made my lashing technique and quality of work…
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Working at Divine Lashes and Choosing The Right Salon

There is a growing pace to the eyelash industry, salon’s are in a rush to fit as many clients as possible in a day, and are focused on sales goals. Employee turnover rates are high, and quality is often lacking. After 8 months of working in a popular lash bar in Toronto, it took me…
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Headshop of Asako Ito and Naoko Ito. Owners of Divine Lashes.

Asako (left) and Naoko (right) are the owners of Divine Lashes – a site for lash lovers to come together and learn more about eyelash extensions. Ever since we started the business in 2008, we’ve loved every minute of the journey.  Hopefully we can make you love lashing as much as we do!


Manuals for the Divine Lashes eyelash extension course

Divine Lashes is accredited by the government of Quebec as an educational institution. We offer comprehensive classic and volume eyelash extensions courses designed to equip you with the right knowledge, technique and skills to become an elite eyelash extension stylist.

Visit our training page to learn more about our courses.