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Recommended Makeup for Eyelash Extensions

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Products to use and avoid while wearing Eyelash Extensions.

When it comes to your Eyelash Extensions done at Divine Lashes you can always be sure that you’ll wake up looking ready; but sometimes there are days where you want to add an extra pop of colour to your eyes or try something a little different. Eyelash extensions are a great way to add thickness, depth and length to your lashes and depending on the technique you choose; it can create the illusion that you’re wearing eyeliner. If you’d like to add more definition to your eyes, you can use any kind of make up as long as it’s not waterproof and if it’s oil free.


When looking for an eyeliner to use with your eyelash extensions, you want to make sure that the eyeliner is not too “waxy” or too soft. This could lead to difficulty in removing your eye makeup. Little chunks of eyeliner will get between your eyelashes which is difficult to see sometimes, and this could lead to potential damage to your natural lashes! Plus, if you have a dirty lash line your extensions will un-bond from your natural lash due to the buildup…

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I have a makeup background, so sometimes we use products that are long lasting for shoots and events. It can be difficult to find something that is long lasting and safe for your extensions.

However, I would recommend using a liquid liner such as the Kat Von D Tattoo Liner (brush tip) or she has an ink version which has a felt tip. This eyeliner glides on perfectly, lasts all day and comes off nicely using a micellar water cleanser/remover. You can use paper towels to remover your make up, or the flocked applicator we have provided you. Make sure you don’t use anything with lint like cotton pads or q-tips. When you visit Divine Lashes as you enter you will notice there is a makeup removal station, you can always take a flocked applicator from the acrylic organizer or ask your Lash Artist.

There is a cult favorite liquid liner that many people enjoy which is the Stila Stay All Day liquid liner. Unfortunately, I don’t recommend this liner while wearing eyelash extensions. It’s waterproof which is very difficult to remove. Since this liner has latex in it, it proves to be even more difficult to remove with your extensions because the latex sticks your extensions together. This creates an effect of an elastic band between your eyelash extensions. This ruins the aesthetic of your extensions but will also cause retention problems… The added friction of trying to remove this liner can also damage your natural lashes!


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When it comes to eyeshadows, any kind of powder eyeshadows is totally fine along with eyelash extensions. I usually let my clients know to avoid creamy eyeshadow and eyeshadow sticls as they may contain oil and are more stubborn to remove. There are shadows that are powder but glide on like butter! Very creamy and rich in colour.

So, what is good option if you have extensions and love long lasting pigment? The E.l.f creamy pot eye shadow is a great drugstore option that is rich in pigment and will last for the day. If you like other easier applicator options, there are creamy pencils that work great too. Nudestix Magnetic Eye Color is so smooth to apply, you won’t need a brush, you can use your fingers to blend! Great for on the go and will last you for the day too! These pigments are relatively easy to remove, and they are not waxy!


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A client can usually get their desired look with Eyelash Extensions, so there won’t be any need for mascara. If you’re going through lash recovery, even if your extensions are not as full as desired- stay away from mascara! Your lashes will thank you later! (You can read about the damage mascara can cause, click here.)

If you do decide to wear mascara when it starts to get sparse towards your fourth week – you can use a water base or a tubular mascara. Even mascaras that are “gentle” or “plant based” are not safe for extensions. It has to be water based, and we sell them here at Divine Lashes Toronto. If you’re interested in water based mascara for your natural lashes you can look out for Blinc mascara or Trish McEvoy.

Kelly at Divine Lashes

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