Self-Isolation + Eyelash Extensions


How to take care of your remaining extensions while in self-solation and some natural lash tips.

As most of you know, Divine Lashes is closed in lieu of Covid-19. While we are all being socially responsible and self-isolating and in quarantine; I think it would be a great time to give you some eyelash tips. This will help ensure your natural lashes stay happy and healthy! If you have any questions, you can DM us on Instagram, PM us on Facebook or send us an email. Just note that response times may take longer than usual.

Grown Out Extensions

Are your extensions grown out? Their starting to do a little dance and bothering you? DO NOT PULL AT THEM! I repeat, do not pull or tug at them! Pulling out your extensions means you’re taking out a natural lash and potentially damaging your hair follicle. Instead, use oils to remove your existing eyelashes. This tip also works if you only have a couple left. You can gently apply coconut, castor, or any other oil on hand, onto your fingertips and gently massage your eyelids where the root of your lashes are. You may have to do this for a couple of minutes. Wash your extensions with eyelash shampoo, and rinse. Repeat if necessary.

Growing Out Healthy Lashes

Since Divine Lashes Toronto and Montreal are closed, you have some time to work on your natural lashes. This is especially great for people who are in recovery mode or had a change in their lashes recently due to lifestyle, hormones or medical changes. If you are willing to pay for a lash serum, Naoko, Owner and Director of Divine Lashes recommends StimuLash Fusion. You can order this online through Shoppers. However, if you’re looking for a cheaper alternative you can buy Castor Oil from a local beauty supplier or on Amazon!

Avoid Make-Up

Since we’re all self-isolating, there’s not much reason to use product. However, I know the itch you may feel to get into as normal of a routine as possible. Makeup is many people’s comfort zone- but I urge if you don’t HAVE to wear eye makeup, don’t. Mascara is drying and can cause your lashes to become brittle. Plus, when removing mascara many people tend to rub excessively as the product can be stubborn to remove. This motion thins out the natural lash making it thin and weak… Eyeliner is also another product that can be stubborn to remove. Which causes the same problems as mascara.

Be Gentle

When washing and cleansing your skin- be careful around your eyes, and with your lashes. Just because we don’t have extensions doesn’t mean we should treat our lashes with less care. You can pull your baby lashes with rubbing, or being aggressive when washing our face. Just like when you have extensions, be gentle!

Continue to Wash Your Lashes

We provide all our clients, who visit Divine Lashes for the first time, with Lash Shampoo. This is given to clients to ensure the health of their natural lashes. Lash Shampoo suppresses the growth of bacteria and keeps your eyelashes at an ideal pH for eyelash extensions. The ingredients are baby shampoo, which suppresses the growth of bacteria, distilled water (self-explanatory?) and a pinch of baking soda to add some grit to make sure your lashes are squeaky clean- and balances the pH.


Please, hear us out. DO NOT, and we say this with deep concern, DO NOT DIY EYELASH EXTENSIONS. Do not buy semi-permanent eyelash extensions, and do not but semi-permanent eyelash adhesive! We have seen clients who come to us after trying DIY extensions- it is not pretty! When you adhere flares to your natural lashes they are glued onto multiple lashes which is not safe for your natural lash. Plus, you apply with your eyes open- NOT SAFE! I repeat not safe! The end result is always damaged lashes.

This list turned out way longer than we expected, but we promise these will help your natural lashes. Your natural lashes have always been Divine Lashes priority because without healthy natural lashes you can’t have beautiful extensions. Our lash artists both at Divine Lashes Toronto and Montreal are trained to work (what some may call) magic, but with lack thereof natural lashes, they have nothing to apply an extension to. We hope that you are indulging in self-care while on your self-isolation period and are enjoying your time inside.

All the best

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