Self-Isolation + Extensions Part Two

Women with volume lashes on left eye and no lashes on right eye
More details on how to get healthy lashes at home!

In our first post from Self-Isolation + Extensions, we spoke about how to safely remove your extensions and how you can grow and care for your natural lashes. Today, we want to focus a little more on natural lashes. How can we sustain healthy natural lashes?


There are many habits that we have that may potentially harm our natural lashes. The first one that is common, and can cause a lot of damage is rubbing our eyes. Rubbing your eyes thins out your natural lashes, and when we’re being rough- we can even pull out our natural lashes. We usually see the most damage from rubbing your eyes in the inner and outer corners of your lash line.

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When cleansing your face, you want to make sure you’re being gentle around your eyes as well. Being rough while washing or cleansing your face has the same effect as rubbing your eyes. We went over this in Self-Isolation + Lashes Part One.

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Another tip you may recognize from part one, but we feel it is important and want to reiterate, is being careful with cotton products. If your taking conference calls, having class facetime meeting or just want to up your mood with a little makeup- be gentle when removing. Cotton and linty products cause a lot of friction and will thin out your natural lashes.

Something that we did not mention in Part One was strip lashes. If you’re jumping onto TikTok, Instagram or any other platform you may feel tempted to throw on some makeup, or bold strip lashes. If that’s the case, make sure you drench a cotton pad with makeup remover, close your eye, and rest the cotton pad on the band of the falsies for about half a minute. This softens the glue, and makes it less damaging to your natural lashes… When you pull off strip lashes, you pull out baby lashes. This can create gaps and/or permanent damage to the lash line.

Diet and lifestyle also impact that way our natural lashes grow. When we have a great diet, that is nutrient-dense, naturally, the hair on our body gets thicker and healthier- this will happen with your eyelashes too!

Volume Full Set

Early last year we had a client from Divine Lashes in Toronto, whose lashes changed drastically. She has pretty good lashes, they were a decent length and she had many. But we started to notice her lashes growing thicker and fuller each visit… After some Q&A we found out that she was changing the oil that she and her family use. She only used coconut oil to cook with. Aside from that, everything from lifestyle and diet was the same. From just one simple change, her lashes, and her hair, thickened and grew much stronger.

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