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It’s officially here! The new volume extensions technique!

As many of you know, I flew to Chicago in June to take a course from a Russian eyelash extensions competition champion of 2012.

I was one of the 4 Canadians who attended the course among approximately 200 American eyelash stylists!

In August, our Chief stylist in our Laval location, Asako took a course from a master trainer from London England,
with her unique twist to this Russian volume technique as well.(the lady on the left in the above picture)

Since then, we have been working hard to perfect the technique,
testing and making improvements based on feedback we got,
and we are finally confident to start offering this service as part of our menu!

The Russian technique is very different from the standard single extensions in that
we use extensions that are less than half the diameter of standard thickness lashes,
but we attach multiple number of extensions on one natural lash.

The result? Fluffy, dense and luscious lashes that is just gorgeous!

Eyelash Girl

With standard single extensions, our clients get anywhere between 80 and 110 lashes per eye.
With the volume technique, we are able to put 300 to 400 lashes per eye!(depending on the number of your natural lashes)

Volume after

The technique was first invented in Moscow, Russia about 5 years ago, and gained its popularity in Russia and Ukraine.
The news spread to North America in August 2012, and one of the first trainings ever conducted
for the volume technique in North America was the training I attended, in June 2013.

Because the technique takes a lot of skills to apply it correctly, and is time consuming,
I already heard many fellow eyelash stylists who took the training gave up on offering this as part of their menu.

At this time, I believe there are only hand full of individuals who have mastered this technique in Canada.
We are very excited to be one of the first salons to bring this amazing new technique to Toronto!


If you have single extensions on right now, but interested in the volume technique, we can fill with volume touchup and eventually make the shift to have all your lashes extended with the new volume technique.

This is a great technique for those who are used to the strip lash/super dense look, and for special occassions when you want that extra glam!

I hope you have a great week 🙂

Happy lashing
Divine Lashes eyelash extensions salon (Toronto)

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