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RE: We are NOT a Fan

You probably wouldn’t be a fan if you knew too! We cannot tell you how many time we’ve heard:

You guys were fully booked so I went elsewhere because I didn’t want to not have lashes!”

“I was desperate for lashes so I went to a salon near my place…”

“I needed lashes for an event and so I went to this place in the mall.”

“I thought doing them at the nail salon would be convenient because I would get everything done in one place.”

And every single time we make similar discoveries. Flares used as “volume fans”, getting lashes applied with their eyes being pulled open (true story coming soon)… A messy application… Damage that will take months to repair. Today, we want to specifically talk about “volume fans” that are not a fan- and that we are not fans of!

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This is not a fan.

We repeat: this is not a volume fan!

Well, this is not a proper fan, and this is also a sticky. So this was glued onto one natural lash. You can see they look pretty bulky because they are thick. This client had a similar phrase to the ones above and resorted to a different salon. We immediately knew that she had visited elsewhere… Many of her extensions were stuck together, and her lashes looked like pre-made fans.

Her natural lashes are indeed damaged, (sad face) and we had to remove her “fans” so her natural lashes would not be further damaged. Her natural lashes did recover in two months and she was able to continue getting volume extensions.

Here is a visual representation on a properly made and placed fan:

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You can see that the base of the extensions is not open, and is placed beautifully on the natural lash. In the photo of the “fan”, we removed from a client, you can see that there are small spaces at the base… We talk about many cases like this one in our Lash Crime’s Series, messy application, stickies and many other scary situations we find on clients lashes. Your jaw will drop, even your eyelashes will cringe… (we just made that a thing).

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