Eyelash Extensions = Self Care


Many people think of eyelashes as high maintenance, but the truth is that eyelash extensions are more than just a service. Providing a relaxing, safe and comfortable space goes beyond just aesthetics. Our clients get some time to recharge, replenish and release…

Our space has comfy, padded beds, a fluffy blanket and our lash techs have gentle hands. Eyelash extensions make people feel confident, and we love seeing the glimmer in people’s eyes. We also create relationships with our clients, sometimes an eyelash appointment is where you can talk about your feelings, your day or goals with no judgement. It’s also a great time to get some beauty sleep.

Appointments at Divine Lashes Toronto and Montreal range from 45 minutes to 3.5 hours. Each appointment slot is based on whether you have extensions and your last appointment date. If you’re a busy mom, this is a perfect opportunity for you to have some alone time and a nap. Many people indulge in the relaxing spa music (and the comfy setting). You can read what Refinery29 Editor, Leah Rumack had to say about her visit here!

You can book an appointment online for Toronto and Montreal locations at the top right screen. Or just click your location above.

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