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You’ve probably examined your eyelashes and had a moment of- oh my gosh. My lashes are short… Thin… “Gappy”… Take a deep breath in.

Let me explain:

While wearing extensions from Divine Lashes your lashes are most likely healthier than when you first visited. You’re used to seeing your eyes with beautiful extensions. Extensions give the appearance of fuller and darker lashes. Don’t fret- we promise your lashes are okay!

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Eyelash Extension Application

First, take into consideration that the eyelash extensions we use are black, so even if you have dark lashes, the extensions are most likely darker. Plus, the extensions are curled. Depending on your styling, you can have a natural curl or a super noticeable curl- your natural lashes most likely don’t curl the way extensions do. So your natural lashes aren’t as noticeable- not damaged.

I keep saying most likely because some people’s natural lashes are curly, thick, long, or full. Usually, extensions create elusion. So if you’re lashes are short and you want to notice them, we can make it happen. If you want it to look like you’re wearing eyeliner, we can most likely make it happen! Want curly but not too full- we can make it happen!

When checking or examining your lashes- please be gentle! Extensions are generally thicker than your natural lash. Combine that with curl and length and yes, you had a lot more than your natural lashes.

But in no way are your natural lashes damaged from Divine Lashes extensions.

Also, keep in mind if you have gaps in your natural lashes, they could have been minimalized by your eyelash extensions- yes we know, Eyelash Artists are the REAL Fairy God Mothers.

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