Meet Naoko Ito, Owner of Divine Lashes

NaokoNaoko Ito has been an eyelash extension expert since 2008, training with top industry specialists from Los Angeles, Tokyo, Russia, and Toronto. With a degree in Biology and a career in the pharmaceutical and medical fields, Naoko’s science background gives her a unique understanding of the chemistry behind eyelash extensions and safe application of them – a rarity in this field.

Naoko was inspired to bring beauty to the masses when she wanted to get eyelash extensions and could not find a salon she liked in Toronto who did this procedure. When she did finally got eyelash extensions, her eyes were irritated every time she washed her eyes. Her science background led her to discover that the adhesive used in these procedures were far too harsh for the eyes, and she became interested in giving women a safer alternative for this beauty treatment. Naoko researched glue suppliers in Japan and North America to find the most effective and harmless glue. She searched out the best experts internationally to learn the fine art of applying eyelash extensions. Today, Divine Lashes is enhancing the beauty of women throughout the Greater Toronto and Montreal area using state-of-the-art techniques often pioneered by Naoko.

“I want woman to feel more beautiful and confident every time they look in the mirror,” says Naoko.

She is very professional, educated me about lashes, recommended the length conducive to my lashes (or lack thereof) and what to expect. Her service is personalized, she asks what you want done but also lends her expertise and knowledge to what would be best for you. She is genuinely concerned with the health, the growth and the aftercare of your lashes and goes beyond the call of duty to ensure they’re not compromised, Julia

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