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We strive to enhance your natural beauty with eyelash extensions and lash lifts that make you feel gorgeous and shine with confidence.


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Always at the forefront of trends, Divine Lashes prides itself in being industry leader in the eyelash extension and lash lift industry. We will stop at nothing to make sure that the service our clients receive is nothing less than the best.

Everyone’s beauty is unique so we believe that your eyelashes should be as unique as you are! Allow us to customize your look while maintaining the health and integrity of your natural eyelashes.  By continuously innovating our techniques, expanding our knowledge and seeking out the highest quality materials we will always deliver only the best in the industry.  

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Our salons specializes in eyelash extension and lash lift services. Would you choose Classic or Volume lashes? We will help you make the eyes your most captivating and flirtatious feature. Our professionally-trained eyelash extension experts will fit your eyes with lashes that will compliment any lifestyle and event.



We pride ourselves in our ability to create a custom look that will fit your eyes perfectly for any occasion.
You can see the result of our work in the gallery.

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It is better to be a specialist in one business than an average in several.
Our eyelash studio knows about it like no other.



80$ for a full classic natural set – Use code FIRSTCLASS

150$ for a full volume natural set – Use code FIRSTVOL


30$ off full set or 20$ off refill. For both you and your friend!

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Loved the service. I got a lash lifting and it is still there after more than 4 weeks! The kit... read more

Karina Barrios Avatar
Karina Barrios

If you are looking natural looking eyelashes , here is good. They are working on your eyes too much natural... read more

Camelia B. Avatar
Camelia B.

I love coming here every time. Service is great, my lashes always look amazing, and I end up leaving feeling... read more

KoalaCat Avatar

Consistent, quality service and lashes - been coming here over the past two years or so, never fails to deliver.... read more

Agnes Avatar

Got my eye lashes extention at Divine Lashes and I will definitely be going back! Super professional place and amazing results!

Carolann Johansen Avatar
Carolann Johansen

I assisted to the class of classic and it was super amazing!!! The instructor is a very knowledgeable person and... read more

Paula Arana Avatar
Paula Arana

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Learn the required skills needed to become an elite eyelash extension stylist.

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