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  1. Hi I had a lash lamination and tint yesterday for the first time. I could feel it a bit nippy while it was being applied and there was no offer of a patch test. Since then my eyes haven’t stopped streaming one of them is bright red and so painful to even blink. I hope this hasn’t done any long term damage?

    1. Hi Amanda,

      This is not a normal reaction for a lash lift. If your eye is still bright red after 24h, it could be an allergic reaction and you should consult a Doctor. Have you contacted your lash stylist to check up with her? She should offer it for free rapidly.

  2. I had a lash lift today and my eyes were painful during treatment, burning and watery eyes. I was told it is ok to feel that.. could that affect my eyesight

    1. I’m not sure how “it’s ok” to feel pain during a lash lift to be honest. Did you experience an allergic reaction?

  3. Hello so I’m allergic to tint hair and brow and lash tint I do lvl and had them done before especially before my allergies got bad I just love the treatment, so I’ve tested with just the lvl and has no signs of reaction I am still very scared thou, would you think I would be ok?

    1. Hi Ashlee,

      I can’t say for sure as I’m not a doctor. You’ve done a test without a reaction your chances of being allergic so that’s a good sign!

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