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  1. Hi there! I’m curious about the professional product. I’ve been a licensed and practicing cosmetologist for 11 years and have a good handle on what alkalinity does to hair (and good lord your eye ball right?!) I don’t have a lash certification but am I being totally arrogant for feeling pretty confident that I could handle this?

    1. Loved reading your comment 🙂 Do you mean you would do it on yourself or for someone else? In any case, before using a professional product you could take a very short and specialized course for lash lifts. It’s inexpensive and not very long.

  2. Which budget friendly professional lash lift kit would you recommend to keep lashes lifted atleast 6 weeks. I am a Salon owner and would like to give my clients a good long lasting lash lift.

    1. Hi Shanieza,

      The kit we use at my salon is the one from this article (Lash shop). I’ve tried many, and this one really outperformed.

    1. I would be happy to help :). We have salon in Montreal and Toronto Canada. I take clients in Montreal only.

  3. Great article! As a lash technician, and licensed esthetician, I am always researching information about the best lash lift kits etc. Thank you!

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