1. Is it possible that mites also like the eyelash glue? This is a question I have been asked by my optometrist. I wash my face and eyelashes twice a day daily and still got them. I also used non oil based eye make up remover twice a day. could it also be something other than hygiene? Could it be product? My optometrist figured it could’ve been dander from my dog. I am a clean freak with no carpets in the house either. I’m not a bit of a loss as I do not experience this without eyelash extensions. I love the idea of them and I’m sad that if this continues I will no longer be wearing them.

  2. Hi Jen, thank you for your message. Lash adhesive becomes hard plastic state once it’s completely cured, so there’s nothing yummy for the lash mites there. Mites love dead skin cells and oils. When the extensions are placed near the base of the extensions, it makes it tricky to really get in between the extension and the skin. We all have a bit of last mites, they only become an issue when they are many of them. The best thing against lash mites is keeping up good hygiene. Make sure to use clean brushes to cleanse your lashes! I hope you can continue wearing eyelash extensions 🙂

  3. Hi how can I inform my client I think they have lash mites with out scaring them ?? Also once I diagnose as lash mites do I have to take the lash extensions off and give them a break or just clean them ??

  4. I prefer the honest and straightforward truth. And I think clients prefer it this way too. Yes, if your client has lash mites, it’s best to remove the lash extensions. But remember, the most important thing you can do is educate your client on proper hygiene. If the hygiene habits don’t change, you won’t address the problem at the source.

  5. I’ve noticed these mites and when wipe with a tissue a little white looking worm is on it is this normal

  6. Hi Phil,

    Everyone can have some mites, but it becomes an issue when too many. Proper hygiene and regularly cleansing of your lashes are key!

  7. What should I do if my 5 year old has them will it damage her eyelashes she has like a lot and you can see them too. Please help

  8. Hi Iman,

    IF your 5 years old have lash mites, you should consult a dermatologist or ophthalmologist.

  9. Can you get lash mites from mascara tube?& can they live in the tube?
    I read you can spray rubbing alcohol on your makeup,& clean your brushes with soap&water and then spray them with rubbing alcohol, and use tea tree oil on your eyelash line. Would using a spoolie with a shampoo help or is it better to use a makeup brush?

  10. Hey Julie, thank you for your question! Yes, lash mites can transfer onto your make up, which is why you should never share eye make up with others. Cleaning your make up brushes on a regular basis is a very good hygiene practice. To clean your lash line we recommend using a make up brush rather than a mascara spooly.

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