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  1. As a lash artist, I can’t emphasize enough how important it is to follow these steps carefully if you decide to remove your lash extensions at home. I’ve seen too many clients damage their natural lashes due to improper removal techniques. Always prioritize your lash health!

  2. I jad my eyelashes on gor less than two weeks and want to remove them with coconut oil. Any advise?

    1. Coconut oil is generally solid. Melt it first and go very gently not to damage your natural lashes.

  3. I have lashes from the place I get my eyebrows done, not extensions just falsies glued on. I got them done a few days ago and they are starting to bother my eyes. Is my best bet to try one of these methods over the next few days and see if they will come off?

    1. Hi Kamryn,

      The method I’ve shared in this guide is to remove individual lash extensions, not strip lashes. Having said that, the same principles should apply, although I haven’t tried it personally with strip lashes.

  4. I have had extensions for 6 months now….I went to a new salon and the glue was so thick I could barely open my eyes…. The next day I woke up with huge red swollen eyelids, almost swollen closed… I have been using coconut oil gently and little by little they are getting better…. Thank you for this article!! I will try the steaming and warming of the oil!! It is a holiday so most places are closed, so I am trying to do it myself!!

    1. If you are experiencing an allergic reaction after lash extensions, it is recommended to contact your lash stylist to get them removed immediately. You shouldn’t wait to do it at home.

  5. I have had lash extensions put in the other day by a lady who did my brows as well. They looked great then realized when I tried to wash my face the lashes were hurting me because the lash was placed too close to my skin. I went to another salon the following day and had them removed but because the glue was very close to my eye, the lady mentioned she couldn’t put the product that close so I still have bits of glue on my eyelashes. She said to run oil but I’m going to try the tips in this article because I was only putting almond oil.

  6. I have had my lash extensions for about 2 years and even though i love how they look, I’ve had a lot of problems with them.

    I’m finally giving my eyes a rest and will be using lash boosters for my stubby lashes to grow.

    1. Hi Eris,

      Many of my clients have had their lash extensions for several years without taking a break without any problem. What issues did you have?

  7. Thanks so much for sharing the “how to” on removing lash extensions. I just had lash extensions put on for the first time last night. My left eye is irritated. I realized a lash was floating in my eye and it took a while to remove. It feels like something is poking my eye and I am ready to remove them. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thank you

    1. Hi Bonita, thank you for leaving us a message! If you wish to remove the extensions, its always best to have them professionally removed. You can contact your stylist or try a different salon to remove the lashes! Other wise you can follow the tips on our article 🙂

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