1. Hi Snow,

    It might be an allergic reaction, but it’s hard to know without looking at your eyes. It would be best to contact your lash salon today so that they can take a look. If it is an allergic reaction, it is best if they remove your lashes right away and they might refer you to your doctor.

  2. Hi ive been to my lash tech 3 previous times and my lashes were silky and i flet no glue , this time my eyes are burning and it feels like there is clumps of glue underneath, i also feel she used a different type of lash as theyre more course and poke me adding to the glue situation . I waited two days to see if it was just trauma from the application but im in pain and itchy . Im afraid to tell my lash tech in case she Black lists me as i do love her lashes

  3. Hi Lou,

    Getting lash extensions shouldn’t cause any pain or itchiness especially 2 days after you got them. I think it’s important to have an open discussion about your concerns with your las tech. Any reputable and professional lash tech would welcome your feedback and address your concerns. If really she does “black lists” you, there is a problem and getting lashes done somewhere else is probably a better idea.

  4. Is it normal to always feel like the glue is hardened several days after the extensions?

  5. I’m not sure what glue your lash tech uses. At my salon, we make sure to cure the glue during your appointment.

  6. Hi! I had my lashes done yesterday, after the procedure I felt a stinging sensation and hardly open my eye. I had my eyes turn red but only half of my both eyes. I did use a dropper but it didn’t help. I thought its only the initial reaction of my eyes but until now I still got the redness on my sclera. What is the best thing I could do ?

  7. Hi Love,

    Is the redness and stinging going down? Normally, a chemical burn (when you are exposed to glue fumes) will go away in a few days. However, if you have an allergic reaction you should contact your salon to get your lashes removed. In any case, it’s best to contact your salon so that they can make a visual assessment and recommend the best course of action.

  8. Hi, I’ve been going to the same lash tech over a year now and the last 4 times I’ve experienced my lashes falling out sooner with pain and discomfort after a few days or so. I clean and brush my lashes regularly, but there’s always the twisting of lashes and soreness at the base of my eye within a week to two weeks after and sometimes it’s even a bit swollen as well. I also get the feeling of something being in my eye that’s scratchy but there’s nothing in my eye. I’ve experienced my lashes falling out a lot more these past 4 times I’ve gotten my lashes done and also the extensions falling out a lot sooner there’s hardly any retention by the time of the fill. It always starts to feel like my eyelashes are trying to grow out but can’t and the eyelash extension is blocking it which causes a lot of pain on my eyelids. I just want to know if it’s something my lash tech is doing wrong? If so should I find a new lash tech? It’s starting to become an issue that I didn’t have before these last 4 times. I’m not sure what’s different but it’s definitely getting annoying.

  9. Hi Dee,

    The pain and discomfort you are expressing are definitely not something normal with lash extensions. Have you expressed it with your lash tech? If nothing is done to remedy it, I would look for a second opinion.

  10. Hi! I got extensions, asked for a more natural look and got thick dramatic unfortunately. They’re .15mm-.20mm D curl and they make my eyes feel heavy. When I blink I feel like a sore pain on my lash line. It’s only been one day so I’m trying to see if my eyes need to just get used to them because I don’t normally wear extensions only strips. But what do you think??

  11. Hi Tramel,

    Thank you for your question! If your natural lashes are very thick, you can pull off a natural look with .15mm extensions. However, no one uses .20mm extensions anymore. It’s just too heavy for a natural look.

  12. Hi. Just got my lashes done for the first time. My right eye feels fine. A little dryness but feels well. My left eye hurts when I blink. As if something was in my eye. I just got them done yesterday

  13. Do you have any redness in your left eye? Irritation should have diminished by now. If it continues, it’s best to contact your lash salon. They will most likely ask you to come in for a check up.

  14. Hi there,

    Im not sure if this is a normal feeling but everytime i get lash extensions i feel the ends of the extensions rubbing against my inner eyelash line whenever i close my eyes to go to bed and or blink, and its very uncomfortable. I just wanted to know if there is something that can be done about it to whenever i do get them done or does it just mean i’m not meant to have individual extensions.

  15. Hi Tamira,

    Something is definitely not right. Lash extensions should feel completely natural when done properly. You shouldn’t feel any rubbing or itching.

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