1. One of my eyes is still really red 2 days later. It stung and burnt during the session I told the technician but she didn’t do anything other than put the fan over my eyes. It’s scary that it’s an actual chemical burn to my eye. I’m put off having them done again

    1. Hi Phoebe,

      2 days is too long for a simple irritation. If you have swelling, you should get your lashes removed as you might have an allergic reaction.

  2. I just done my lash 13hrs ago, both eyes were red, now my left eye is ok already except the bottom right of my right eye is red and pain when blink, I’ve done my lashes once a year and never had this pain.. how do i treat it?

    1. Hi Caroline, if you have a mild irritation, you need to bring back moisture to the eye. However, if you have swelling and an allergic reaction, it’s best to get the lashes removed.

  3. Hello i juts want to ask about my eye only on the last part(eyeball then that white going to the outer part) of my eyes and only 1 is affected. I already put 1 ice compress it will alleviate the discomfort but after some time the redness will come back and i already drink oral ant-histamine so what should i do next? is it allergic reaction or irritation?? its been 16 hours already

    1. Hi Precious,

      If you still have that discomfort after 24 hours, you should call your stylist so that she can look at your eye and figure out the source of the issue. Irritation would be reduced by then.

  4. I’ve been getting my eyelashes done for a while and just the last couple of months I’ve been having a reaction. A few hours after I get them done my eyes get red and a bit itchy however the next day when I wake up it’s almost like I have pink eye my eyes are like goonky and it last for about a day or two. Could that be an allergic reaction?

    1. Hi Kayla,

      Yes it could very well be an allergic reaction since your symptoms only got worst with time it seems.

  5. I got a lash lift 2 weeks ago and my left eye is still red and irratated/ looks like I have pink eye. It happened right after my appt. This isn’t the first time ive gotten them done either…my lash tech said she didnt do anything different either.. im not sure if there is eye drops or some kind of meds I can take to make it go away. (I was wear contacts and was wearing them during the appt like I always do).

    1. Hi Mikayla,

      2 weeks is a very long time and requires medical input to know what’s going on. As a precaution, I always advise my clients to remove their contacts during the appointment.

  6. I got eyelash extensions for the first time yesterday and woke up with the bottom half of both eyes extremely red. I put in contacts this morning (and was also wearing them during the session) and it made them burn and water for a couple minutes. Later in the day I tried eye drops to soothe my eyes but it made them burn and water and did not appear to help the redness. I resulted to taking my contacts out and wearing glasses. I tried to flush my eyes out when I got home from work, but it also only resulted in them burning and watering. There is no swelling so I do not believe it is an allergic reaction. I did have my eyes open for a couples moments during the session.

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