1. This was a super informative blog!!! 10/10! I have been lashing for 3 years and this breakdown helped refresh my memory of everything I needed to know. THANK YOU!

    1. Darielys, thank you so much for your comments, it’s heartwarming. When I read comments like yours it motivates me to publish more articles.

    1. Hi Salina,

      There’s no glue that’s 100% allergy-free. But you can choose a glue with low fumes to reduce the risk. I like the Pro Plus Eyelash Extension Adhesive from Lash Collection. I’ve worked with it for years.

  2. What if the manufacturer of the Glue says that you should keep it in the fridge? I get so confunde about this

    1. Normally, lash glue should be kept in a temperature-controlled environment. When you keep it in the fridge and when you take it out the difference in temperature can cause condensation. So I always keep my glues in a cool and dark place. Now, I’m not sure which glue you’re using specifically but maybe you should contact your manufacturer to enquire about what I’ve just mentioned.

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