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  1. Hey there I just received my first eyelash extensions. The are beautiful ,but I believe the woman used to much glue will the excess glue come out after a few cleanings or am I out of luck until removal.????

    1. Hi Haley,

      What makes you think the lash tech used too much glue? If you see clumps of natural lashes glued together (poor isolation), it might be best to get your extensions removed to avoid damaging your natural lashes.

      1. Is it ok to continue to get lash refills with no break? I have had my lashes done for over year. I’m afraid it will eventually ruin my real lashes?

        1. Absolutely! When the extensions are applied properly and respect the natural lashes, there is no problem wearing eyelash extensions long-term. Several of my clients have been coming for years without taking any break.

  2. I also wana add a tip that is don;’t forget to brush your lashes. Brushing both your extensions and natural lashes regularly will keep them looking full and beautiful while also clearing our any debris or bacteria.

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