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  1. My eyelash technician takes two and a half hours on a fill, how do I address this diplomatically? She is really good and thorough but I just can’t lay there that long.

    1. What kind of refill are you getting? Are you getting sophisticated design with volume lashes? In any case, I agree. 2.5 hours on a fill is very long. Maybe you could ask her how long she’s been doing lashes? If she’s new, it’s quite normal. Depending on your relationship with her, you might want to stay with her. New techs generally improve their speed drastically within the first 6 months.

      Don’t forget one thing. It’s much better to waste 1h than to get a crappy job that will damage your lashes.

  2. Hi. With clients coming in 3weeks with 50% still on.. wouldn’t it be outgrown and need to be removed.. this also adds more time to the appointment?

    1. When clients come back every 3 weeks, the extensions left are those that were applied on natural lashes that were less advanced in their own growth cycle. The more mature natural lashes have fallen with their extension attached to them.

      There is no need to remove anything. We simply add extensions on the newly available natural lashes that have reached the appropriate stage in the growth cycle.

      Let me know if this makes sense. Respecting the growth cycle is soooooooo key when applying lash extensions.

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