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  1. I need help! I really hope you can help me figure out why I’m having this issue. My lash extension technician tells me that she is using a hypoallergenic glue. She also uses a fan that blows directly on the eyes during the entire lash extension process. My lashes and eyes feel fine during the extension procedure & also when I leave her home. But then about 3 to 4 hours later, my eyelids start itching like crazy. This itchiness makes my eyeballs red and irritated as well. There is no redness or itching underneath my eye at all. It’s basically just my eyelids. They get puffy and red and this lasts for about 4 days and then it’s suddenly is gone. I don’t know if I’m allergic to the glue or if I am being irritated by fumes or what could be my problem. Any suggestions or advice for me? Would be very helpful and appreciated.

    1. Hi Jenn,

      It could be an allergic reaction since you say it lasts for a couple of days. A simple irritation would normally be gone after 24 hours. Even hypoallergenic glues can trigger it. For sensitive clients, a new device recently came to the market. It’s a glue that cures with LED light and is super gentle. You could ask your lash artist if she offers this option.


  2. This is 2nd time I had lash extensions. 1st time was great,this time my eye lids are very itchy. Mostly on my right eye. It is driving me crazy, it’s only the second day having them. I love my lashes but wonder if there is like a hypoallergenic glue that can be used?

  3. I have had lashes for over two years… I love them…I have mega volume- the last month they’ve been itching… it all started after mtn biking… my lashes were blowing like crazy in the wind- it seemed I had pollen in them. I washed them… there was a little relief. They still itched. My gal suggested I wash them- I do use lash cleaner like three times a day- and they are still itchy- did I just develop this allergy? It seems kinda crazy. I got the same lash technician and the same glue.

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