1. Hi Jane,

    Thank you for your comment! If your eyes are red without pain after your appointment its possible that your eyes are slightly opened during the appointment. Since the adhesive cures with moisture, its possible that the adhesive is drawing out the moisture from your eyes. Try your best to keep your eyes closed or bring some eyedrops to bring moisture back into your eyes.

  2. Hi Maine, thank you for your question! Yes, you can use clear eye drops to help with the redness, but make sure to dab away the excess liquid with a kleenex.

  3. 5 days after my lash extensions im feeling some kind of pain or some scratch or something in my eye. Its only on one eye!! Its driving me crazy what could it be? There’s nothing in my eye and i brushed them like crazy and most already came off and i still feel that weird sensation? What can it be??i have an appointment but not till two days away. They are booked max, funny thing is its only on one eye!

  4. My eyes are bloodshot right below my iris on the sclera part. A lot of red little lines. I accidentally opened my eyes during lashing and my eyes wouldn’t stop watering. My eye hurts when i blink hard a tiny bit than normal and when i look around especially when i look upper right. I am worried.

  5. Hey Kat, thank you for leaving a comment! Its strange that you only felt the pain or scratching 5 days after the procedure. This could have nothing to do with the extensions. You might want to check out what’s happening with your eye doctor. I hope your eye feels better soon!

  6. Hey Valarie, thank you for leaving a comment. Have you spoken with your stylist? It’s possible that the tape placed to cover the lower lashes was placed too high during the appointment. If you are worried, I would suggest for you to book an appointment with a medical professional and seek their advice. I hope you eye feels better soon.

  7. Hello! I had my lashes done last night and during the appointment my eye wouldn’t stop watering. It was really irritated afterwards and I’ve woken up and it’s been irritated all day. In the morning it felt like something was in there and nothing was. My eyes won’t stop watering but the most painful part is when my eyes water from yawning and it hits the tops of my eye it starts stinging really bad which makes me eye water more plus my eye is a little puffy. I have spoken to my technician and she has stated that she can see me in the morning but do you have any clue what this could be, from the sounds of it’s it is possible chemical burn? Is there anything I can do to ease the pain a little bit in the meantime and do you need to have lashes removed if it is chemical burn?

  8. Hi Jane, thank you for your question. I’m sorry to hear that the extensions are causing irritation. Is this happening to just one eye or both? Chemical burn can be a possibility if your eyes were slightly opened during the appointment. When you meet with your stylist this morning you can ask her if they were. If your eyes are constantly watery or irritated its possible that you have a sensitivity to the ingredients in the adhesive, in this case you definitely need to remove your extensions!

  9. Hello, I just got my lashes done today. once I left and brushed my lashes it felt like the base of the lash was poking my eyelid, I also felt like I was tugging at my lashes when I brushed them. but I didn’t feel this when the lash tech was done with the service. Do you know why this is happening, I didn’t feel discomfort while I was there with the lash tech?

  10. Hi Nancy, thank you for your comment! When you brush the lashes try to brush by the tip of the extensions. When you brush them too rough or put too much pressure on them, the bond could break leaving them lifted at the base. Have you tried to get in touch with your lash artist so she can take a closer look to see if the base is lifted?

  11. Hi! I’ve been going to the same lash tech for a few months because I like how she installs them. The only issue is that every time I leave the salon, it feels like there is a scratch on my eye from the tape, and EVERY time, I leave with irritated, bloodshot eyes. It goes away after a few days but I am worried about the long term health of my eye. The process is almost always unenjoyable/painful and I’ve told the lash tech multiple times that my eyes are burning throughout the process. And it’s almost always in my left eye, under my pupil in the white space — when I tell her it’s burning, all she does is move the tape around, causing more irritation as if she’s slicing my eyeball with the tape. I have decided that today was the last day I am going to this salon because I have expressed my concerns to her and there is never any improvement in my experience. Will this pain and possible cuts have long term effects on my eye and/or vision?

  12. Hi Michele,

    It’s hard to say as I am not an eye doctor. However, I think you have done the proper thing by switching to another eyelash technician if nothing was done to address your concerns. The procedure should be painless. Constant irritation and bloodshot eyes at every appointment scream to me that something has to be adapted. Perhaps it’s the placement of the under-eye tape or perhaps you would benefit from a sensitive lash adhesive.

  13. i got my lashes done yesterday and during the appointment my right eye wouldn’t stop watering, i thought it was b ecause the tape was touching my iris.When i got home my eye was still watering and it hurts now. Whenever i look up my right eye run waters and it also pains me . After the appointment my nose starting runny and i haven’t stop sneezing. Is
    this an allergic reaction? do i need to remove them
    I’m scared to go to bed. I tried sleeping but when i got up my right eye started to water again

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