1. Hi Giang Dang,

      I only found an amazon listing but couldn’t find a website or company. Can you put the link to their website? In general, I don’t check serums that are only listed on Amazon if I can’t find out a reputable company behind it.

  1. Hi there! Do you know if the brand Scorolash contains prostaglandins? I’ve seen great before and after pictures and wanted to give them a try. Thanks!

  2. Poppy Austin eyelash serum does not contain any real, artificial or analogous prostaglandins………..another goodie!!!

  3. Hi, Thanks for the info! Can you please tell me if Scoro lash is safe to use & not cause the sunken eyes / eyelid fat loss / aging & dark under eyes? They say their ingredients are all natural & do not contain the prostaglandins but I want to make sure. Please look at the full list of ingredients on their website & let me know if there is anything in there that will cause the same bad side effects as the other eyelash serums. Thank you!

    1. Hi Katrina,

      Yes, this one doesn’t have prostaglandin. I can’t really deep dive on all the other ingredients but if there’s one in particular let me know!

  4. Hi thanks so much for these list! I just bought Augustinus Vader’s lash and brow serum without knowing all this information. Taking a quick look at the ingredients, I didn’t see the ones you listed. Would you be able to confirm? Thank you again!

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