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  1. Thanks for writing this. Gave me piece of mind about what lash serum I’m using. It’s not listed here, but Lumi Lash is prostaglandin free too I believe and works amazing 🙌🏼

  2. If you use a prostaglandin serum 2 times a week would these side effects still be extreme? I’m mainly concerned about the orbital fat loss if I use rapid lash twice weekly.

    1. Hi Akira,

      I would assume so. It stands to reason that less frequent usage decreases the likelihood of side effects.

    1. Hi Alixzandrah,

      Yes this serum contains a prostaglandin analog called dehydrolatanoprost. It’s the second ingredient on the list.

  3. It seems that lash serums can be very tricky in using synthetics prostaglandins that go by many different names. Any chance you’re familiar with Scorolash or Thrive’s lash serum and whether they are truly prostaglandin-free? Many thanks for sharing your research : )

    1. Hi Christina,

      I know, it sometimes feels like a jungle looking at the ingredient list. I checked the ingredient list of Scorolash and Thrive and indeed, they are both free of prostaglandins 🙂

      1. It really is a jungle when they list it under so many different names🥴 Thank you so much! I really appreciate the clarification!

        1. Unfortunately they don’t display their full ingredient list on their website so I can’t know for sure.

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