Everything You Need To Know: Eyelash Extensions + Summer

Warm weather, amazing food, sand on our feet and of course, beautiful eyelash extensions. Each season offers us something different, and as the Summer hits us full force Lash Artists at Divine Lashes have already seen some of the effects of summer on clients Eyelash Extensions. We want to educate our clients but sometimes in the span of an appointment there is just not enough time to go into detail about the do’s and don’ts of the season. So here is a list of tips, tricks and some general info on how to keep your eyelash extensions fabulous this summer!

1. Swimming

A lot of our clients tend to go on vacation and always ask about swimming in the ocean. Natural waters will not affect your eyelashes at all. Chlorine pools on the other hand can affect your retention if you are swimming more than 3x a week, or are in the pool for a prolonged period of time. The chlorine reacts with the extension adhesive and makes it very dry & brittle leading your lashes to just flake off! So how can you avoid this? We strongly recommend using goggles if you can. This will keep the chlorine off your lashes. If not, shampoo as soon as you’re done at the pool, this will wash off the chlorine from your lashes lengthening your retention.

2. Barbecues

What better time of year then to fire up the BBQ and grill dinner to perfection? None. But dinner isnt the only thing you’re grilling! Eyelash Extensions are made of plastic, and when plastic comes in contact with heat it melts. When your lashes come in contact with waves of heat or direct contact with heat they are going to singe at the ends. Singed lashes will leave the ends of your lashes looking wavy or brittle! How can you avoid uneven lashes? Don’t put your face over the BBQ, if you can, try to stand away while its on. When you open the lid please turn your face away and once again don’t get too close!

3. Sunscreen

SPF is a must when we have summer times errands and plans. However, sometimes sunscreen containes oil. So please avoid applying sunscreen on your eyelids. If you don’t apply sunscreen on your eyelids remember that creams and sunscreens move around on your skin and will eventually move down onto your eyes and eventually your lash line. To avoid the movement of sunscreen on your skin, you can use a setting or translucent powder to set it in place. Please also remember to check make-up and skin care products for SPF & oil.

These are three major retention breakers for eyelash extensions, and can even affect your natural lashes. If you have any questions we encourage you to reach out to your Lash Artist at Divine Lashes by sending a text or e-mail. Phone calls cannot be answered when Lash Artists are in appointments.


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