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My First 6 Months – Felicia

My first time ever lashing has been through the guidance and teachings of Naoko Ito in her salon, Divine Lashes, here in Toronto. Prior to this, I had no knowledge or training in Eyelash Extensions and had first heard about it through my best friend Catarina who works here at the salon. From there, every time Catarina and I would get together she would tell me about her new found passion for eyelash extensions. I was interested in how it works, how to create different looks, what steps are done to achieve this, and what you have to do to not cause damage. Before I began training, I was skeptical about if I would love lashing because I wasn’t sure if I would be able to sit for so long in the same position for hours a day. I have always worked in an environment where I was on my feet and moving around throughout the day and I normally live an active lifestyle; so the thought of me sitting for three hours straight just for one appointment to practice my speed and technique sounded crazy to me.

Once I began training, sitting for so long was not a problem for me at all! Don’t get me wrong, there are times I need to stretch or reposition myself but I fell in love with lashing to the point where I am so focused on trying to make everything perfect and do a good job that the time goes by so fast; sometimes I feel like I need more time! Once I completed training and I started to take my first clients I was so nervous about so many different aspects of lashing. What if I run out of time? Would I do a good job? What if I don’t give them what they are looking for? Thankfully those worries I had faded quickly. I do still worry that someone might not like the work I did but I must say we have amazing clients! The energy of our salon is always so amazing and our clients always make me feel comfortable and a joy to talk with; we have an amazing little community of strong inspirational women who come in and I have truly enjoyed getting to meet each of you!

I do love to lash but our clients really do make this job special, whether it is hearing about your stories, or just seeing your reaction at the end, it’s so amazing lashing you lovely ladies and you make me want to learn more and gain more skills to give you the best lashes possible!

Looking back on my first six months of lashing until now, wow, I really have learned so much and grown as a lash artist. At first I struggled with determining the right design and length that would best suit my clients’ wishes and natural lashes. Everyone has a different eye shape and, as we all know, we are not symmetrical, so this can be challenging. I started to learn how to create certain illusions on the eye with the extensions by using different lengths and dimension to help create their desired look while keeping their lashes healthy. This is all thanks to my boss and salon owner, Naoko and my two lovely co-workers, Catarina and Kelly.

I always go to them when I have questions, need a second opinion, and they always share tips and tricks with me that they have learned which is always a big help! A huge part of finding a clients perfect lash style is through a little bit of experimentation. It’s very satisfying to have clients love their lash styling and, as a lash tech, I know its healthy and sustainable for their natural lashes.

My first six months working at this salon has shaped me into the lash tech I am today. With the help and guidance of Naoko, Catarina, and Kelly along with all of our clients, I have become a far more confident and better lash tech. I am constantly learning new things everyday and I continue to grow and strive to be better. Thank you so much to all of the beautiful women that are a part of the “Divine Lashes” community, you inspire me!





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