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Being a Lash Artist at Divine Lashes

My name is Aline and I am a Junior Stylist at Divine Lashes. I came from Brazil, where I obtained my certificate as a Lash Artist, but when I started working with Asako at Divine Lashes in Montreal, I started to learn a lot of things that made my lashing technique and quality of work improve.

Working at Divine Lashes made me understand how important is to do a clean, professional job as a Lash Artist. Asako taught me to have a good workspace and organized station which has obviously made my job more efficient. Asako also taught me the proper way to clean and sanitize my equipment and work station, which is important for the client and myself. Another thing that I learned here was to take extra care of client’s baby lashes, double checking if they are free to grow and be mature strong lashes in the future. This is so important because it means we are making sure the extensions are not harmful for your natural lashes, so you can continue to have strong lashes with or without extensions. Unfortunately, many technicians are not trained as thoroughly as they should be. Especially when it comes to the clients natural lashes and their health. This is something that is so important but we see a lot of technicians doing bad extensions thinking of only the sales or the final look.

When a lash technician applies without double checking or proper isolation, we can see the damaged lashes. A client with damage can have one or many of the following:

– Gaps in one or more places
– Thinned out or broken natural lashes
– No baby lashes present
– Little to no mature natural lashes

All of these can happen because of a bad application. Although I did lashes back home in Brazil for 6 months, I have really learned that even the little things can make the biggest of difference during an application and for the final result. These changes don’t only reflect for me, but they also make the clients very happy with their extensions. I can see I had a good base studying in Brazil, but for sure my experience at Divine Lashes made my work improve in a way I couldn’t imagine.





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