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Getting in the Lash Zone at Divine Lashes by Catou

Lashes are a climbing industry. Everyone seems to be getting into it and finding themselves a certification but doing lash extensions is really not for everyone.

Being a Divine Lashes lash artist means quite a few things. On the surface it means bringing amazing lashes to the population, adding happiness to clients’ everyday lives, and making people feel beautiful. On the other hand, it means carrying a great deal of responsibility for your client who is trusting you with one of the most vulnerable parts of their faces – their eyes. It doesn’t seem like much, but a lash application is also somehow very intimate, in the sense that we’re so very close face-to-face.

When clients lay on the bed, they know they will be taken care of and wake up feeling beautiful. There is nothing more satisfying than when the client grabs that mirror and is in awe of their lashes. A short gasp, a huge smile or a giggle is what makes every hour worth it. A lash artist will never get sick of hearing how amazing their lash application looks. This makes it more exciting to see them for their next refill. The more love you send to your lashes, the more love they will receive.

One of the best things about being a lash artist at Divine Lashes is the people you get to meet every day. Most people sleep during their appointment, which makes the day calm and peaceful, but a lot of the day is spent chit-chatting about everything and anything with the most amazing people. It’s exciting to convert new clients to extensions and satisfying to see regular clients keep coming back. What is said in the salon, stays in the salon, which creates this amazing relationship with clients and bonds with people you would never expect. 

Full sets are one of my favourite things. Divine Lashes offer’s different full sets to meet everyone’s needs. They start with a consultation, getting a feel of what kind of style the client has and what kind of look would suit them best and deciding where the length should go, and which curl to use. A lot of energy goes into the application and the initial design, so the client’s opinion means a lot.

Once an application has started, you get into the lash-zone. It’s when time seems to fly and the focus is entirely on putting those lashes on one-by-one. Most of the day is spent in the lash zone, so days pass by quickly. However the pressure that is also involved by the beauty industry to produce a final product of top quality that is also beautiful cannot be forgotten. Time is the biggest pressure of all! Getting enough extensions on in the time that you have without sacrificing the quality and the health of the lashes.

You want to make sure that your clients are getting what they’re paying for! No matter the experience, if someone has very curly, criss-crossed, short or very fragile lashes, the application can be very difficult, not to mention if the client’s eyes are blinking from talking, or shaking from drinking a lot of coffee – on top of the multi tasking involved as well, from listening and responding to the client all while counting your work.

Being a lash technician involves more than just basic customer service. Being friendly, caring and most of all, being patient are the best qualities to have as a lash extension artist.

Meeting amazing people everyday is the best of it. However, you aren’t just taking care of their lashes, you’re taking care of them and producing amazing results under a great deal of pressure. The level of time, dedication and care which is needed- is not for everyone!

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