3 Tips to Recover Damaged Lashes

Clients come to get extensions to enhance their natural lashes. They want more density, length curl or want to open or elongate their eyes. Sometimes clients come in with a lack of natural lashes and what they do have, is very damaged or sparse. Your natural lashes affect the design, length and thickness that a Lash Artist can apply. Some people turn to extensions thinking there is no other way to regrow your lashes. So how can you go about growing your lashes?

1. Recovery Set

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We understand you want full luscious lashes, but to achieve the look you want it takes time. If you have constantly used curlers, mascara or rub your eyes often you probably have damaged lashes. If you have damaged lashes, which can mean their short and thin, sparse or have gaps in your lashes what you want might not be achievable. Start with a recovery set, this is usually a lightweight and natural look. This set will help your natural lashes have a break from all the damaging routines it usually has, and support the growth of your lashes. The amount of time you have this set depends on how damaged your lashes are, if the damage was not extensive, your lashes may recover in 1 to 2 months. After your lashes have recovered then you can increase the length and/or density, and amount of lashes. Please note the products we use and other salons use may not be the same. Also, if the extensions are not applied properly, it could cause further damage to your natural lashes, even when lightweight extensions in short lengths are used. We can not guarantee the results from “recovery set” done by other eyelash salons.

2. Avoid…

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While you’re wearing your recovery set of eyelash extensions done by Divine Lashes, you should not use mascara. Or any other waterproof eye makeup. Waterproof makeup is stubborn to remove and people usually use a rubbing motion to remove makeup. This will thin your lashes! Avoid rubbing your eyes, and sleeping on your face! Your natural lashes and extensions will thank you for this! You want to make sure your lash line is nice and clean. Use the lash shampoo given to you at your first appointment and use it twice daily. Your lash shampoo will clean your lashes and lash line from oils, dead skin and other things that can get stuck on your lash line. This ensures that your acquainted lash mites have less to eat and that your hair follicle is not clogged with oils and can allow your hair to grow out.

3. Growth Serum

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The title says it all! Using a growth serum in conjunction with your eyelash extensions will help aid your lash growth! Many clients are worried that using a serum will affect the retention of their eyelash extensions- that’s a myth! You can use growth serum, and we recommend applying twice daily. This plus your super lightweight and natural extensions will have your natural lashes looking fabulous in no time! Divine Lashes Owner and Director, Naoko Ito, recommends using StimuLashFusion Intensive Night Conditioning Lash Enhancer Treatment!

Doing all three of these will help get you better results from your natural lashes. If you have any questions about the products you’re using you can text your Divine Lashes location or ask at your next appointment.

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