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Eyelash Extensions are so much more than meets the eye- literally. There’s a magic to having eyelash extensions… At Divine Lashes we make that magic happen. Waking up, splashing your face with some water and running out the door. Many business professions love extensions for this exact reason! The time it allows them for other things. However, we know how busy on-the-go moms and students can be too. Whatever your day to day routine is, there’s probably a great reason that you need eyelash extensions!

As you know, to book your first appointment you must book online. After booking online you may have noticed that you started receiving emails! Our beautiful and informative emails are to keep you up to date with all things eyelash extensions! Divine Lashes is passionate about eyelash extensions, the after care, the natural lashes and about our clients. Period. Every month our staff put together blog posts, photos and tid-bits of information for you to put in your back pocket for when your eyelashes need it!

Our Lash Artists write detailed blog posts about products they recommend and little tricks you can do to help maintain your eyelash extensions! You may even receive a last-minute appointment notification in case you need that pre-weekend pick-me-up! Whatever the case may be, you will know that every email has been thought out and made just for YOU!

Not sure why you haven’t received one? Check your junk, it may have been filtered by your account. You can unsubscribe anytime- but I don’t think you will want to! Trust us!

All our BIG news that is coming will be send out via email to YOU first!


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