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Working at Divine Lashes and Choosing The Right Salon

There is a growing pace to the eyelash industry, salon’s are in a rush to fit as many clients as possible in a day, and are focused on sales goals. Employee turnover rates are high, and quality is often lacking. After 8 months of working in a popular lash bar in Toronto, it took me over a year to find a salon where the real priority is the clients natural lashes. New employees were hired almost on a monthly basis because of the pressure, the scheduling and the feeling that employees are not valued. If the salon does not value its employees, how much do they actually value their clients?

Technicians had 9 hour days booked back-to-back with no time in between which can cause a great deal of stress and pressure for the stylists to perform – especially if someone arrives late! It can cause a technician to rush their work, and not produce a clean lash application. I never had extensions myself, because the technicians who would give a clean and perfect application were few and far between. Sales goals added another huge stress to the day. Working in a salon with a sales goal is exhausting and adds a huge amount of guilt and weight to your day, especially having to sell a product that I know is not needed. A client’s relationship with a lash technician is based on trust, and I shouldn’t have to violate that trust because my employer is more focused on sales. So many products or knickknacks are deemed to be necessary for your lashes. The truth is as long as you clean them and are gentle with them; all you need is to be careful! There were many things that contradicted my own values.

I have now worked at Divine Lashes, Montreal for nearly a year, and the time has flown by. There are no days where I feel guilty at the end of my work day, and the atmosphere is relaxed and happy. My priority has always been first and foremost the health of the natural lashes, and I feel relieved that my employer and my colleagues have the same priorities and values. My work days are never more than 8 hours, and I usually have a buffer time in between every client, which makes my days stress free. To my great joy, there are no sales goals. We offer our lash shampoo for free for a first time client (1$ to refill it) and we have only ONE product for sale – a lash serum – which is only ever offered if we deem it absolutely necessary.

Most importantly, the lashes we have are of great quality and are extremely light and thin, and do not weigh the natural lash down, unlike the thick default lashes used at other salons. The biggest focus during the application is on the separation and the isolation of every single lash, and making sure the natural lash is not carrying anything too heavy which guarantees a healthy and sustainable lash application.

With the growing popularity of lash extensions, there are more and more salons within our reach, and those lashes you’ve always dreamed of are within your grasp. Just make sure to keep in mind to never sacrifice your natural lash health with a hurried application in order to achieve the look you desire. You must choose your salon carefully! You want your lashes to be as important to your technician as they are for you!





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