Can Nurses Wear Eyelash Extensions? 10 Things Nurses Must Do

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Looking sharp at work may not be necessary for some professions but it holds true for a nurse. Many nurses like to look well-groomed at all times. That’s because it makes you look hospitable to patients besides boosting your own confidence and hiding the fact that you are so tired!. When it comes to makeup for nurses, nothing saves time (which is sparse for most nurses) like false eyelashes. So, can nurses wear eyelash extensions?

Nurses can wear eyelash extensions. While most hospitals don’t have any restrictions on false lashes, we suggest you check with your employer first in case there’s a specific rule in place regarding eyelash extensions. Moreover, nurses can save a lot of time with eyelash extensions rather than applying mascara day-after-day.

The following article is designed to help nurses and dental nurses figure out if they’re allowed to wear lash extensions at work, whether false lashes fall on patients, the pros and cons of wearing them, and the standard length of extensions. We’ve also added a section with tips and pointers on what to keep in mind when wearing false lashes at work.

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Are Nurses Allowed To Wear Eyelash Extensions?

Nurse with eyelash extensions.

As per the rulebook, nurses can wear false eyelashes at most hospitals. While false nails are a big no-no in most clinics, false eyelashes are pretty much allowed anywhere. That’s because nail extensions don’t work the same as lash extensions. Although false nails are often a breeding ground of dirt, grime and bacteria, lash extensions are almost-always squeaky clean. 

However, hospitals often frown-upon heavy or gaudy makeup as it may distract patients and staff. But natural-looking false lashes are hardly noticeable as it’s not just makeup, but a cosmetic treatment. That being said, if your false lashes look too dramatic or out of place, you might be called-in by your supervisor. 

While not all hospitals have rules about it, some may regulate the length and others might not allow it. Additionally, false lashes may not be allowed in kitchen and surgical areas in certain hospitals. For these reasons, it all boils down to the ‘Dress Code Policy’ at the healthcare institution you work.

Do Eyelash Extensions Usually Fall On Patients?

False eyelashes don’t usually fall on patients. On top of it, the fall is minimal[1] according to healthcare workers. Moreover, eyelash extensions fall off with your natural lashes, by the natural shedding time unless you pull or tug at them. It’s sometimes more apparent when a lash extension falls because they’re longer than natural lashes. 

Truth be told, there’s always that slim chance of your natural eyelashes falling on your patients just like a false lash would. 

Are False Lashes Infectious?

According to the Association of Perioperative Registered Nurses (AORN), there isn’t any rule-in-place regarding eyelash extensions in the OR. Lisa Spruce from AORN explains that any rule regarding false lashes is often established by the concerned medical establishment.[2] 

This healthcare worker mentions having done an evidence-review assessing the research on the surgical-site-infections due to fake eyelashes for nurses in the recent past via a podcast on AORN. Lisa didn’t find any research mentioning negative outcomes from patients or any evidence supporting the infectious nature of false lashes when worn by nurses.

Why Wear False Lashes As A Nurse?

When you’re a registered nurse in practice, you’ve tons of responsibilities and some of them include keeping your appearance on-point.

Before I tell you all the merits of keeping fake lashes, you need to hear about the pediatric ICU nurse Jo Mousselli, the founder and owner of Xtreme Lashes.

Jo switched from nursing to become a lash tech primarily because of her ‘tired eyes, faded eye makeup, and smeared mascara[3]. That’s why she founded Xtreme Lashes in 2005 to help working women with their makeup problems, especially nurses.

Pros Of Eyelash Extensions For Nurses

  • Look permanently alert and shipshape because lash extensions open up your eyes, eliminate tired eyes, and make your eyes look bright.
  • Less time for makeup when you wear false lashes as you don’t need to apply or remove mascara before and after work.
  • Customized lash extensions based on your eye shape and texture as well as features of your natural eyelashes.
  • No need to spend time retouching makeup every-now-and-then because false eyelashes stay as they are till you come home unless you wash them in between. If you do wash them, all you need is a spoolie and a minute to set it back in shape.
  • Get your hands on varied eyelash styles instead of a single style of natural lashes to define your eyes.
  • Need not fumble with sticky adhesives that come with strip lashes every day because lash extensions stay for over a month.
  • Having your eyes bright and beautiful boosts your confidence as a nurse and helps you do your job efficiently.

Check out our eyelash extensions before and after pictures if you want to have a better idea of the different services offered!

Why Not Wear Lash Extensions As A Nurse?

Now that you know the advantages of wearing lash extensions as a nurse, let’s find out the bad side of it. 

  • No matter what anyone tells you, getting lash extensions is a solid commitment and requires daily maintenance. While it takes very little time to maintain, you still have to clean them every day and spend two hours every month depending on what treatment you’re getting. 
  • If you have bad habits like rubbing your eyes (this is a certified bad habit[4] whether or not you have lash extensions) or tugging at them regularly, then your lashes will fall off prematurely. 
  • Costing $50 to $100 per month for regular fills[5], You need a budget for eyelash extensions because you have to keep doing it every few weeks. Annually, that rakes up to $600 to $1,200. 
  • Poorly done extensions can lead to serious problems. If you get lash extensions done by incompetent lash techs, you might be signing up for allergies (swelling), infections (lash mites), or loss of natural lashes (balding or thinning).

What Is A Decent Length Of Eyelash Extensions For A Nurse?

It is generally a rule to keep your makeup looking more natural than overly dramatic for nurses.[6] Therefore, you should opt for a more natural style for your eyelash extensions. Before you decide on a good length for getting the ‘natural’ look with your extensions, it’s important to find out how long natural lashes typically are. 

First off, the average human eyelash is 10 millimeters long. But you can’t just walk into a lash studio and say you want 10mm lash extensions because natural eyelashes are not all a single length. For example, middle eyelashes are longer than lashes on the inner and outer corner of the eye. Moreover, natural eyelashes vary from person to person too. 

With that said, ‘natural eyelash extensions’ generally range from 8 to 11 mm. So, that’s what the lash tech would do for you too when you want to go for a ‘natural’ look.

10 Things You Must Do When Wearing eyelash extensions As A Nurse

When you’re wearing eyelashes as a healthcare provider, there are many things to keep in mind as it’s not like an industrial profession. 

Here’s what to keep in mind: 

  • Ask your lash tech to use individual false lashes instead of clusters lashes to maintain a natural look.
  • Wash them regularly, up to one time a day to keep them clean from pathogens you might accumulate from the workplace as well as to prevent eyelash mites[7]
  • Brush your lashes with a mascara wand to clean debris and keep them in place instead of doing so with your fingers every now and then. 
  • False lashes shouldn’t be touched frequently.
  • Don’t pull at or tug them with fingers.  
  • Avoid using products that contain oils and emollients as it affects the retentiveness of lashes. 
  • You don’t need to wear mascara on top of eyelash extensions because it leads to tough cleaning practices that may reduce the lifespan of false lashes. 
  • Sleeping in a position that puts a strain on false lashes will lead them to fall out earlier than usual. 
  • Never let water directly fall on your eyelashes with high pressure because it can affect the bond between natural and false lashes. 
  • If you have extremely-oily-skin, make sure to wash your lash extensions more than once a day because it can clog your follicles besides lead to falling off of false extensions. 

Final Thoughts

If you’re a registered nurse, go for natural-looking lash extensions to avoid scrutiny and any untoward problems from department heads. Don’t forget to follow the ten things aforementioned like washing, brushing and so on too. 

If you’re worried your false lashes might fall on patients or surgical equipment, be aware that the same can happen with natural lashes too. Moreover, AORN representative Lisa Spruce clarified that there isn’t any surgical-infection in the books related to lash extensions. So, you needn’t be worried about wearing them unless the healthcare institution you work at explicitly rules against them. 

People often get confused about the safety of fake lashes because there are so many rules about false nails. But, false lashes don’t work the same way as fake nails. 

All that being said, false eyelashes open-up your eyes and make them look bright besides reducing the need to wear makeup, use mascara or sticky adhesives. On top of it, they also save your time usually spent on makeup. 

For nurses who are still doubtful about lash extensions, all you need to do is leave a comment below and I’ll get back to you with factual answers in the least possible time. 

Stay Beautiful!


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