Can You Cry With Eyelash Extensions? Keep Your Lashes Safe!

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Eyelash extensions can completely change the look of your face and often make people feel on top of the world. But they also come with a few lifestyle changes. For starters, you can’t sweat or wet your lashes immediately after getting extensions done. That brings us to an even more crucial question. Can you cry with eyelash extensions?

You can cry with eyelash extensions since they are waterproof. That being said, care must be taken to avoid crying for at least four hours after your lash appointment for the adhesive to completely cure. After this period, simply cleanse your lashes after you cry to avoid oil and salt from your tears to build up on your lashes which would weaken the adhesive.

The following article will teach you how long to avoid crying after getting lash extensions, what actually happens if you cry while wearing false eyelashes, the high stakes of crying with extensions, and the key reasons why tears are harmful to fake lashes in the long run. On top of that, we’ve also added the most important things to keep in mind if you happen to cry with eyelash extensions to minimize damage.

Let’s jump right into it!

Are You Allowed to Cry With Eyelash Extensions

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Your eyelash extensions are mostly water-resistant, unless you’re getting mink lashes. So, you don’t have to worry about crying once the lash glue has completely dried off. But that doesn’t mean you can cry off into oblivion and expect lash extensions to stay intact as long as usual.

If you want them to be gorgeous for the longest term, especially if you have a habit of crying frequently, here’s what to keep in mind.

Crying After Your Eyelash Extension Appointment

You shouldn’t cry right after getting eyelash extensions because any type of wetness during the cure period can affect the retention of your eyelash extensions.[1] Because it takes a minimum of four hours after the application for the bond set by the lash glue to bind your lash extensions onto your natural lashes, it’s best to hold off from crying and situations that might induce crying during that period.

For all brides out there, watch out if you’re getting eyelash extensions a few hours prior to your wedding. This is especially important if you think the wedding is going to be a cry-fest no matter whether you’re going to cry out of happiness or sadness.

All that being said, crying is mostly an involuntary reaction. Hence, you can’t always avoid it. Moreover, once the cure period of the lash glue is over, you can cry all you want without worries.

Just remember to clean up your lashes right after crying to remove any oil and salt left over from your tears. Salt and oil are solvents which can weaken the eyelash adhesive over time.

We will cover how to clean your eyelash extensions after crying a little later in this article.

Crying During Your Eyelash Extension Appointment

Eyelash extension is a pain free procedure and should not cause any discomfort if applied properly. From my experience, there are two common reasons why a client might tear up during the eyelash appointment.

  1. Light sensitivity. Eyelash artists use strong lighting to have a great view of your lashes when they apply lash extensions. For some clients, this might cause discomfort and mild tearing. In such cases, your lash stylist should simply reduce the lighting a little.
  2. Formaldehyde fumes. If the client slightly opens their eyes by mistake, formaldehyde vapors can seep into the eyes. This ends up irritating the eyes and can cause tearing. Formaldehyde is a by-product of the curing process of cyanoacrylate, the bonding agent of lash glue. It is important to remind the client to keep their eyes closed at all times during the procedure.

In both cases, the eyelash stylist should dry the lashes immediately. If the stylist continues working on wet lashes, the eyelash glue will cure too fast, will become brittle and the client will experience retention issues.

Remember that moisture accelerates the curing process, but too much moisture too fast is a big no-no.

Why Do Tears Break Down Lash Adhesive

Tears are super-important for the body because they are one of the best weapons used by your immune system to prevent infections. They do so by washing away irritants and foreign particles that enter the eye.[2]

Crying might seem the same as getting eyelash extensions wet, but it’s actually very different. Getting your eyelash extensions wet is recommended during your daily cleansing routine in order to maintain a healthy lash line and avoid problems like lash mites.

However, tears also contain electrolytes (potassium, sodium, chloride), and thousands of proteins in addition to salt and fatty oils.[3] The biological reason why tear glands produce oils in addition to water is to prevent tears from drying too fast so that eyes are moist for long.

Truth be told, water isn’t the enemy when it comes to crying with eyelash extensions. It’s the combination of salt and oil that’s prevalent in natural tears, which can break down the lash glue that’s keeping lash extensions connected to natural lashes.

Since eyelash extension adhesive is made up of a chemical called cyanoacrylate, you should avoid salt and oil on your lashes. Both of these are solvents that can weaken the bond of your extensions.

How Do You Clean Eyelash Extensions After Crying

Crying is one the most normal things and according to statistics, women cry about six times every month and 72 times every year.[4]

The good news is you can cry all you want after the four hours curing period is over. However, it is crucial to cleanse your eyelash extensions after crying using the following steps to remove the oil and salt that accumulated on your lashes from your tears.

  1. Pump out the eyelash shampoo provided by your stylist in your hands
  2. Put the shampoo foam on your lashes. Let it coat your lashes all the way to your lash line.
  3. Gently stroke your lashes up and down with a soft makeup brush.
  4. Rinse your lashes gently with water running down your face. Avoid splashing or shooting water directly at your lashes.
  5. Dry your lashes with a hair dryer on low and cool settings.
  6. Comb your lashes with a spoolie so that tangled eyelashes are back in order as they originally were.

What to Remember if You Cry With Lash Extensions

Do Not Rub Your Eyes

Crying isn’t a big problem unless you’re doing it too long or too frequently while wearing lash extensions. The very first thing to remember when you have watery eyes or cry too much while wearing eyelash extensions is mindfulness.

That’s because most people end up rubbing and scrubbing their eyes harshly whenever they cry. You should avoid gruffly rubbing the eyes when you’re crying. Doing so can pull or tug the lash extensions, making them fall out easily. For the same reason, natural eyelashes fall out when you cry a bucket too.

If you really need to dry tears, gently pat-dry instead.

Avoid Sleeping With Dry Tears

Make sure to avoid sleeping without cleaning your eyes. Dried-up tears = concentrated salt and oil on your false lash extensions. As a matter of fact, sleeping with eyelash extensions is very different.[5] That’s why if you don’t wash your lashes before going to bed, especially after crying, your lash line will accumulate oil and other minerals.

Don’t Feel Guilty

You’re crying for a good reason and you’re already feeling off your game. Don’t add to the drama by thinking about your eyelash extensions – They will be fine! 

Final Thoughts

While water isn’t harmful on its own, tears are harmful to lash extensions because they also contain salt and oil. They can degrade the bond created by the lash glue.

That’s why aftercare is very important if you shed tears while wearing lash extensions. Keep in mind to avoid roughly rubbing your eyes after crying and sleeping with dry tears. Always wash your eyes after crying because it helps to remove sediment and oil from tears.

Crying isn’t a rare thing and you just need to be careful about how you handle crying while wearing extensions.

If you have questions, feel free to drop your doubts in the box below. I will try my best to answer it clearly as soon as I see it.


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