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  1. My left eye seems to water a lot, I’ve had multiple surgeries on this eye so it waters randomly a lot, when this happens I immediately grab a tissue or a paper towel and hold on the end corner of my eye where the eye is watering to prevent it from getting on my lashes , usually I’ll take the paper towel and and wipe off the water tears by wrapping a thin piece around my finger and opening my eye and then placing the paper towel in the corner and holding it there until the eye stops watering and then I’ll wipe whatever tears that may have gotten out of my eye with the paper towel or tissue sideways frying up the wetness my eye does this a lot and it’s just the one eye, is this ok to do or will this ruin my lashes?

    1. Hi Briana,

      I would just make sure to use a lint-free paper towel and to be careful when you bring it close to your eyes. Try not to wipe sideways.

    1. Hi Robynn,

      If your lash tech cured the lashes properly at the end of the appointment, then there’s nothing to worry about. Lash adhesives have improved a lot and a 4 hour window is now sufficient.

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