Can You Exercise With Eyelash Extensions? 7 Advice to Follow!

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I often get asked by my clients if it is possible to exercise with eyelash extensions. Let’s face it, you invest good money in your lash extensions and the last thing you want is to ruin them a few days after getting a new set.

Rest assured, fake lashes surpassed mascara and eye makeup long ago. They’re great to wear while swimming, cooking, sleeping, and almost everything. But you need to avoid many things to extend their lifespan like oil, heat, and sweat. If you’re an active person, that’s enough to make you wonder whether working out is safe with false lashes. Can you exercise with eyelash extensions?

Exercising with eyelash extensions is safe and will not negatively affect their retention as long as you wait 4 hours after your appointment before a workout. This waiting period allows the lash adhesive to completely cure. Once the cure period is over, you can workout without any lash loss if you commit to cleaning them with a safe cleanser afterwards.

Scroll away to find out how exactly exercise affects lash extensions, the workouts you should entertain and avoid besides the things to keep in mind while working out if you wear eyelash extensions.

Can You Exercise With Eyelash Extensions

Exercising with eyelash extensions is safe if you wait for 4 hours after the lashes are applied. This waiting period is crucial for the lash glue to completely cure. The curing process draws moisture from the air for the eyelash extension glue to completely set.

However, too much moisture leads to a drying time that is too short. The bond created by the adhesive will be weak and you will experience poor retention of your eyelash extensions.

So, how is this information about the curing process relevant to your workouts? Because of sweat!

Remember, sweat is mostly water, salt and oils. While sweating is good for the body[1], it will definitely cause your extensions to fall out if the sweat comes in contact with them during the curing period.

Once the cure period is over, you can exercise without most restrictions. If you’re taking a brisk walk, there’s nothing to worry about. But, if you’re doing a high-intensity workout with lots of sweating for hours at a stretch, there are few things to keep in mind for extending the lifespan of your lashes. Cleaning up after is just one of the things you’ll learn forward in this article.

But keep in mind that if you fail to let the lash glue cure completely, it will lead to lash loss and other problems.

7 Advice to Maintain Lash Extensions With an Active Lifestyle

Woman doing exercise with eyelash extensions.

Working out is part of a healthy lifestyle. Moreover, you can’t sacrifice health for beauty.
But what if you could still be gorgeous and healthy without compromising on either? If you follow the tips for working out with lash extensions religiously, you don’t have to worry about false lashes falling out prematurely.

Here are the 7 most important instructions to follow when working out with eyelash extensions.

  1. Before working out: Avoid putting on creams and sunblocks before a workout. During an intense workout, these products may drip from your forehead to your lashes. The oil contained in these products will be in contact with your extensions and will cause them to clump up together. This will cause poor retention of the extensions and make them fall sooner.
  2. Rubbing your eyes: During workouts, it’s typical to sweat around the face and even more common to rub off the sweat with a towel afterward. If you have got this habit, stop it after getting lash extensions. Rubbing harshly or excessively when wearing lash extensions can pull onto it or snag them eventually. Soon, they’ll start falling out too.
  3. Sweating profusely: Another important thing to bear in mind is avoiding excessive sweating while exercising. If you’re on a high-intensity or challenging workout, the salt in your sweat can be high and it can sediment the lash bond, further leading to lash loss. You can also reduce salt consumption to secrete less salt through sweat during workouts.[2]
  4. Avoid steam: Steam and saunas are not all good for lash extension wearers. Saunas also keep their temperature around 65 to 80 degrees Celsius[3] and that’s why they can soften and break down lash glue. Hence, your fake lashes might fall out right when you step out of the sauna. This also means you should avoid hot and humid rooms and settings for working out. Keep in mind that having a facial with steam also brings on the same effects.
  5. Never use oil: Oily products around the eye area are detrimental to the longevity of eyelash extensions. You should avoid them even more with an active lifestyle as your extensions may be already weak. Avoid using oil products around the face or eye when you’re going to the gym.
  6. Hot water: If you’re a fan of hot showers, your lash extensions are going to end up suffering. When the hot water falls directly on your lash extensions during a shower, it can end up degrading the bond of lash glue. You can try to bring down the heat and avoid hot water from falling on your lashes directly by cleaning your face at the sink instead.
  7. Cleaning-up: The last thing to remember without fail is cleaning up your lash extensions after workout sessions. You must always clean up with lash-safe cleansers or shampoos as soon as your workout session is over. The longer you wait, the more damage salt and oil secreted from sweat will do to your eyelash extensions. Use a snag-free mascara wand after to detangle your extensions too.

Recommended Exercises With Lash Extensions

The world of lash beauty isn’t limited by sweat. You can wear false lashes while engaging in sports and exercises. When you take good care of your lash extensions while and after working out, you can keep them as long as your natural shedding cycle.

If you are curious about how long your eyelash extensions last, check our our case study where we found that 60.1% of clients come back every three weeks for refills.

Low-Impact Exercises

Once the cure period of your eyelash extensions is over, you are free to engage in low-impact exercises like walking, swimming, and even running. Whether you’re on a hike, in the water aerobics class, or mastering weightlifting, your lashes will remain intact while the activity is executed if you got your lashes by a reputable lash tech and salon.

Dancing is another good way to control your workouts and make it fun minus the sweat while Yoga is a good workout without getting too sweaty. Tai chi and Pilates are also good for working on different parts of your body without sweating.

Can you go to the gym with eyelash extensions

You can go the the gym with eyelash extensions and prioritize low-impact exercises that will limit sweat and thus the damage water, oil and salt can do to your extensions. Examples of such exercise are jumping jacks, squats, planks, rowing, ellipticals, and crunches.

Exercises Not Recommended With Lash Extensions

When you’re spending hundreds of dollars for gorgeous eyelashes, chances are that you want them to last for the farthest possible time too. Most exercises are fine for eyelash extensions if you take care of them the right way. That being said, some exercises are famous for causing poor retention of the extensions.

  • Swimming: You can swim in a pool with eyelash extensions as long as you carefully cleanse and dry them after your swim to remove any chlorine and water on your lashes. Swimming in the ocean can degrade the bond created by lash adhesives because of salt. Unless you are wearing googles for your extensions, it is best to hold off on the ocean swimming. If you must swim in the ocean, cleanse your lashes with a cleanser to remove any salt residue.
  • Kickboxing: In the same way, kickboxing can lead to clumped-up salt, sweat, and oil that can affect the longevity of extensions too. If you ask your lash tech, they would say the same about HIIT workouts too.
  • Hot yoga: Many clients can often experience extreme lash loss when they start on new workout regimens. Hot Yoga is one such exercise that can be detrimental to your new fake lashes. That’s why it’s good to work out near an AC unit if you feel like the room is getting too hot.

    Because hot environments can soften the bond created by the lash adhesive (cyanoacrylate based glue) due to thermal decomposition,[4] it’s not recommended at all. Moreover, many DIY techniques to remove eyelash extensions at home also combine the same technique of heating up and oil application.

Personal Observations From My Clients

Woman with eyelash extensions

Several of my clients are very active woman who go to the gym regularly. By following the advice above, they are able to maintain their lash extensions and don’t experience poor retention.

Of course, given the money they pay for their lash extensions, it only makes sense to want to preserve them as long as possible. That’s why I recommend that they choose an exercise regimen that has a low risk of damaging their extensions.

It really wouldn’t make sense to sacrifice a healthy lifestyle for lashes. If that were the case, I think the lash industry would be in serious trouble.

Final Thoughts

Working out is an essential exercise to keep up good health. But does that mean you’ve to give up on eyelash extensions? Not at all. If you avoid workouts for the first 4 hours after the application of lash extensions, it’ll help the lash glue to cure and dry completely. Moreover, you can look great at the gym, even while working out.

For starters, you can opt for low-impact exercises like running, walking, jogging, swimming, squats, crunches, yoga, or dancing to minimize sweating. It can reduce the secretion of salt and oil in the long run too.

In any case, avoid exercises that make you sweat profusely like HIIT. You should also avoid swimming in salty water for long hours because it can break the bond of lash adhesive.
Apart from these, you must also avoid rubbing your eyes harshly during workouts, using oil products, and going for hot treatments like a sauna. Avoid hot showers as well if you want them to stay for long.

Still not sure whether you can workout with lash extensions? Just leave a message below to start a conversation with an expert lash tech directly.


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