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  1. I wear lash extentions. What a God send. My own lashes have always been very short. I have never gone out of the house without curling them and mascara. A lot of time. It makes it difficult to get nice full lash extentions

    Can you suggest a good quality lash growth serum without oil and not too pricey
    I live in Hamilton. Do you know where I can buy it here

    I started taking biotin a few months ago every day hoping to get stronger nails. They constanty break off. I didnt realize it is good for eyelash growth too.
    I just went back on collagen peptides and lots of different vitamins

    A girl i was speaking to said she bought one through Avon. Really good price and she says it works
    Any thoughts about the one from Avon

    Thank you for your advice. I love reading your articles and I appreciate yoir knowledge very much


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