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Losing hair being a new mom? We have a solution!

A client of mine came in with her new born baby boy! The baby was only 2 weeks old. My son is now two and a half years old and its amazing how you forget how small the newborns are. He was sleeping in his stroller the whole time, occasionally making small noises. I can watch him all day he was so adorable!

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So if you are a mom I’m sure you know that you start to lose your hair 2 to 3 months after you give birth. This is due to your body going through hormonal changes. Many women, however, do not know that giving birth do affect the eyelashes too. Some moms start shedding her mature lashes for no reason a few months after giving birth. Sometimes it grows back to what it was before, but some of my clients tell me their lashes are not the same after they had their babies…

It is unfortunate that we have to go through so much with pregnancy and labour, and worry about our lashes on top of that! But it is what it is, I will be monitoring this client’s lashes closely for the next few months. If I notice that she is shedding, I will switch to a thinner, and shorter lashes to further reduce the stress to her lashes. Another thing I will suggest to this client if I see excessive shedding is eyelash growth serum. This is a great time to add eyelash growth serum to your daily routine.

Using the eyelash growth serum will help make the lashes thicker and longer, and combining that with extensions, you can continue to enjoy having beautiful lashes! The serum will accelerate the recovery process of your natural lashes, and once you feel that the excessive shedding has stopped, you can stop using the serum as well.  Here is the growth serum we carry here at Divine Lashes Toronto

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Being a mom is rewarding and is the best job ever, but I know first hand that it could be exhausting and frustrating at times. Come in to have an hour of quiet relaxing / nap time (super important if you have a little one!) and enjoy beautiful lashes. I know my lashes helped me look awake and put-together when I had 3h of sleep the night before ūüôā

If the lashes become too thin, sparse and weak, it is difficult for us to attach many lashes to add volume, or use longer length. When our clients got a little help from the growth serum, we have seen great results!

To achieve good results please use once daily, even twice a day at the beginning. If you are the type of person who would forget to apply the serum everyday, this may not be for you. Another thing to be aware of is, because you are using chemicals to enhance the growth of your lashes, once you stop using the serum, you will see all the long and thick lashes shed within about 2 weeks. So those are the downfalls but I think growth serums are great to speed up the hair growth process, if you are recovering from excessive hair loss, like new moms, or anybody who is suffering from anemia, excessive stress, or if you are experiencing lash loss due to age.2014 02 25 rapid lash before after

If you are interested, please inquire when you are in our salon for your appointment!

Happy lashing!
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