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Once you start extensions, it’s hard to let them go. We know… We understand. Many make the assumption that natural lashes get damaged the longer you wear extensions. However, this is not true when your eyelash extensions are properly applied.

Eyelash Extensions have to be selected according to clients- we’ve said this a lot on our Instagram– but extensions are not a one size fit all! Eyelash Extensions have various lengths, thicknesses and curls. Each of these factors into the look a client wants to achieve.

This client was trying out extensions for her wedding, she wears glasses and does not usually wear makeup. She wanted something noticeable yet not overwhelming. Her lashes were pretty good and healthy, they were very straight. When she first visited, we thought this was as strong as her lashes would get, however, after about four months of wearing volume extensions her lashes got thicker and longer!

You can see the isolated lash is long and pretty thick. If you look at her other lashes you can also see many mature lashes. When we get a little closer you can notice her natural lashes even more! You can see her extensions are grown out, and the bases of those lashes are thick. Her natural lashes are pretty full.

This client was here for a Volume Long Fill and so it’s been 6 weeks since her last fill. All her fans have closed because she has oily eyelids, and so when extensions have not been washed, the oils from our skin will close the fans.

The assumption that eyelashes become damaged from wearing extensions is dated to the start of extensions… Where applying eyelashes was not common, and there wasn’t training or resources for eyelash techs. They say that eyelashes started in Korea at a hair salon. Where a hairdresser would use the client’s hair and glue them onto natural lashes, and so the trend moved around Asia and made its way to the North American Continent. Extensions, in their early years, were thick, and bulky. There was no theory on how length and weight could damage lashes.

Extensions would be placed on all-natural lashes and would be way too heavy. This would cause natural lashes to weaken and even snap off; causing damage. In the last couple of years, the eyelash industry is slowly re-evaluating the thickness and weight of lashes. Many Eyelash Techs carry more than one diameter (thickness) of the lashes for different clients.

The lashes that we use at Divine Lashes Toronto and Montreal are lightweight and suitable for everyone. Naoko Ito’s, Owner and Director of Divine Lashes, method of applying eyelash extensions the Eyelash Artists are able to create such a range of styles, and see many of their client’s lashes become stronger and thicker with the use of eyelash extensions

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