How to Protect Eyelash Extensions During a Massage

How to protect eyelash extensions during a massage. Massage bed on a carpet in a relaxing environment.

You have just got your eyelash extensions done and they look gorgeous as usual. Because you want your lashes to last longer, you follow every aftercare instructions to the tee. But what about massages? No one would like to give up on this relaxing treatment, and you certainly do not want to ruin your lovely lashes. So, how do you protect eyelash extensions during a massage?

Protecting eyelash extensions during a massage is done by avoiding rubbing, pulling and pressure on the lashes. When laying face down, the head should rest in the face cradle so that the lash extensions do not touch anything. If the massage bed doesn’t have a face cradle, rest the head on the back of the hands or on a towel as long as pressure and friction can be prevented on the extensions.

In this article, we will cover why laying face first on a massage bed is bad for your eyelash extensions, how to adjust a face cradle on a massage bed for best results and how to create a face cradle with a towel if the massage bed doesn’t have one.

It goes without saying, but this article addresses massages where you have to lay face down. Laying on your back is perfectly fine since nothing would interfere with your lashes.

Let’s get started!

Why Laying Face First on a Massage Bed Is Bad For Your Extensions

To understand why pressure is bad for eyelash extensions, we have to understand how eyelash extensions are applied. You know that the lashes are applied as individual lash by lash and adhered with medical adhesive.

Knowing this, we can then assume that when lying face down, the weight of our head will be forced on the eyelashes. The weight of our head will cause these attached lashes to be pulled from their original position unless precautions are taken.

Moreover, the constant pressure on your extensions might accelerate the shedding of your lashes. Lastly, the curl of your extensions might be altered.

How to Adjust a Face Cradle on a Massage Bed

Different massage beds have different mechanisms but they should all have an adjustment lever to change the position of the face cradle. A face cradle is a device that is attached to the head-piece of a massage bed for clients to rest their head on.

The key is to have the face cradle positioned so that the weight of the head is distributed evenly and comfortably across the forehead and the side of the head. .

You should be able to open and close your eyes freely without your lashes touching the fabric.

How to Create a Face Cradle With a Towel

The towel should be large enough to stretch around the face and head of the person with an approximate width between 2-3 inches. Roll the towel and then gently tie the towel around the face, leaving long ends to be tucked under.

Make sure most of the weight of the head lays on the forehead against the towel. Your eyes should be able to open and close and you shouldn’t have pressure on them.

Final Thoughts

Getting a massage is one of those things you can do to help relax and refresh your body. Massages are also known to cause the lymphatic system to work better, which is one of the reasons why it helps with improving the quality of life.

But if you are a client and you have eyelash extensions, it is very important that you take precautions when getting a massage so as not to damage your extensions. Having eyelash extensions can really make you look beautiful, but be sure they stay that way.

Avoiding pressure and friction on your lash extensions is absolutely key if you want to maintain them for a long time.

Check out our article on how long eyelash extensions last if you are curious about the normal timeframe expected between refills.

– Asako

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