She Didn’t Know!

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This client got a set and fill done at a different salon, and visited us for a fill. She noted that she wanted something full, dense and fabulous! However, she only booked for classics. We asked her why she chose classics instead of volume extensions if she wants something full? She told us she had classics on. With one glance at her lashes, we knew that her extensions were NOT classic.

She was confused when we told her she didn’t have classics on… It was clear to us that she had thick volume extensions on. She insisted she only got Classic at the salon she visited last… She was hesitant to trust our judgement but it all worked out. The lash tech she was with was not trained in volume at the time, so she had to fill her lashes with singles extension’s and still make it look full in order to win over this client.

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These extensions are clearly thick, long and heavy volume fans. Her inner corner lashes were 10MM in length, which is usually way too long for most people to wear in an inner corner. Plus, some of these fans are stuck to her skin. In the first smaller circle you can see the extensions stuck to her skin. This issue was highlighted in our Lash Crimes series. The second part highlighted is a large sticky. There are two giant fans stuck together. This adds a lot of weight to her natural lashes.

In this photo, the circle on the left shows two things:
  • The space between her natural lashes
  • The extension with a bulky end
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You can see in both circles that this clients natural lashes are sparse, there are almost no baby lashes visible. This means there were probably many stickies. Plus, you can also see that the extensions look bulky compared to her natural lashes. To the very right, you can only see one strong natural lash- this lash was most likely a baby lash that the prior lash tech skipped. This lash shows the potential of the client’s natural lashes!

A proper application does not create bald spots or gaps in natural lashes! This is not the first time we’ve heard of clients getting “classic” lashes that end up being volume. This is deceiving for clients as they think their “natural” capacity is immensely full and dense- which is unfortunately not the case for everyone. Did you know? This can cause more damage to natural lashes that are recovering or damaged.

Are you shocked? Intrigued?

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  1. Baby listen .I lost all my lashes because the lashes where so heavy and my eyelid swoll up after one day Because it was clued to my skin man what a awful experience and get this I did not want to do the lash tech practically begged me and for what I don’t know it was such an awful experience and waste of 💰so I been trying to recover from the hair loss .

    1. Hey Jasmine,

      We’re so sorry to hear that you had a terrible experience with lashes 🙁 The industry is not yet standardized but we are slowly getting there!
      When lashes are done properly they should feel comfortable and shouldn’t cause damage long as they are cared for properly. To help speed up the recovery you can try using a lash growth serum, there are some amazing one’s out there!
      We hope that you give it another chance and next time you will have an amazing experience!

  2. Every time I got lashes they itched and started falling out the very next day. I gave up. I must admit I like the lash look better than my own.

    1. Hey Candace,

      Thank you for your comment and I’m sorry to hear that you didn’t have a great experience with extensions!
      If they were itchy immediately after getting the set, it could mean a few things. Either the extensions were not applied one by one, the extensions were applied touching your skin, or the base of the extensions were lifted and poking your skin. When the extensions are applied properly, one natural eyelash to one extension, it should feel like your own natural eyelashes, comfortable and undetectable. With proper application and proper aftercare the extensions should last until your own natural eyelashes shed. With the right lash artist your lashes can look amazing, I hope you give it another try in the future!

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