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  1. Every time I got lashes they itched and started falling out the very next day. I gave up. I must admit I like the lash look better than my own.

    1. Hey Candace,

      Thank you for your comment and I’m sorry to hear that you didn’t have a great experience with extensions!
      If they were itchy immediately after getting the set, it could mean a few things. Either the extensions were not applied one by one, the extensions were applied touching your skin, or the base of the extensions were lifted and poking your skin. When the extensions are applied properly, one natural eyelash to one extension, it should feel like your own natural eyelashes, comfortable and undetectable. With proper application and proper aftercare the extensions should last until your own natural eyelashes shed. With the right lash artist your lashes can look amazing, I hope you give it another try in the future!

  2. Baby listen .I lost all my lashes because the lashes where so heavy and my eyelid swoll up after one day Because it was clued to my skin man what a awful experience and get this I did not want to do the lash tech practically begged me and for what I don’t know it was such an awful experience and waste of ????so I been trying to recover from the hair loss .

    1. Hey Jasmine,

      We’re so sorry to hear that you had a terrible experience with lashes 🙁 The industry is not yet standardized but we are slowly getting there!
      When lashes are done properly they should feel comfortable and shouldn’t cause damage long as they are cared for properly. To help speed up the recovery you can try using a lash growth serum, there are some amazing one’s out there!
      We hope that you give it another chance and next time you will have an amazing experience!

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