Can You Sleep With Eyelash Extensions? Avoid Lashes Falling-Out

Woman sleeping with eyelash extensions

There are a few important things to do when it comes to the aftercare and maintenance of your eyelash extensions. As anyone who gets their lashes done will tell you, one of these things is really tricky to manage – and that is sleeping with eyelash extensions.

You can sleep with eyelash extensions. It is recommended to sleep on your back if you want to maintain the lifespan of your eyelash extensions. Other options include using a special pillowcase made of silk, wearing 3D eye masks or even trying a lash pillow. 

Read on to find out more about sleeping with lash extensions. We will cover the art of maintaining your lashes in the long run, the best positions to sleep with them to prevent damage, tricks for managing them while sleeping on the side, and what kind of eye mask to wear for protection. Also, make space for the perfect bedtime routine – your lashes will love you for it. 

Let’s get down to business!

Why Take Care of Lash Extensions When Sleeping

While you can’t have a good night’s sleep with strip lashes on, eyelash extensions are designed to be more flexible and resistant to natural wear and tear. That being said, it’s easy to damage lash extensions too if you aren’t careful enough while dozing off. Hence, you need to find out what’s best for you and your eyelashes first. 

By taking good care of your eyelash extensions at night, you will avoid the following:

  • Premature shedding of lashes: Natural lashes have a complete growth cycle of 90 days ± 5 days. Eyelash extensions take anywhere from 2 to 4 weeks to shed on their own because they are applied on natural lashes that are advanced enough in the growth cycle to support the weight of the extension. If you’re harsh with your eyelash extensions, they will get ruined and fall off faster than usual. Constantly rubbing your lashes against a rough pillow will undoubtedly reduce retention and make them fall off. 
  • Loss of shape: When you sleep in untoward angles, you also apply undue pressure on your eyelash extensions. This happens when you press against them with the pillow or your arms. When you do so, the extensions get forced inward even though synthetic lashes are quite flexible. Such practices often end up changing the shape of the extensions, which can further flatten or deform their preset curls
  • Contaminants: Using pillows made of hypoallergenic[1] materials such as silk helps reduce the risk of infections. Other materials make it easy for bacteria, dust mites, and moisture to enter the eyes. 

Best Position To Sleep With Eyelash Extensions

Woman sleeping on her back

Are you a stomach sleeper? While it’s one of the most relaxed sleeping positions termed the ‘freefall[2]’ position, it’s awful for your lash health. That’s because you end up crushing your eyelash extensions.

Most sleep therapists define this pose as the ‘freefaller’ because it appears as if you’re freefalling or fell into the bed and forgot to move afterward. In this pose, you end up forcing your neck at a 90-degree angle[3]. That’s why it strains your muscles, joints, back, and spine. Ultimately, you’ll end up with a stiff feeling all over after waking up.

Hence, it’s important to protect your eyelashes from undue pressure and friction when you’re sound asleep. The best way to do it is by sleeping on your back. This position is also called supine sleeping, Your lash extensions won’t face any pressure or friction by rubbing against the pillows in this pose. Additionally, it will prevent contaminants from entering the eye. 

Truth be told, such a sleeping pose comes with many benefits such as relieving the pain around your neck or back, putting a stop to cervicogenic headaches, preventing wrinkles[4], reducing heartburn, eliminating acid reflux, and alleviating pressure on internal organs[5].

How to Sleep on Your Side With Eyelash Extensions

For those of you who can’t completely cut out the stomach or side-sleeping habit, there’s an interesting solution. All you have to do is sleeping in a way so that your lash extensions aren’t directly touching the bed or the pillow. 

How do you do it? Push your head towards the edge of the pillow so that your eyelashes hang off the verges, no matter which side you’re leaning towards. This isn’t a failproof way to protect your eyelashes, but it might reduce a portion of the chafing, scraping, and pressure. Give it a try today! 

Eyelash Extensions Falling-Out From Sleeping on the Side

Eyelash extensions falling-out because sleeping on the stomach

Can your lash tech often predict that you’re a side sleeper? Let me give away a secret: it’s not magic that tells us how you sleep, but the condition of your lashes. 

For instance, side sleepers mostly end up with lashes that are thin on one side (the side that you sleep on). One look at both your eyes and we can see the abated side. 

The warning signs include patchiness, baldness, or thinning on one side. If this is you, it’s high-time you change your sleeping position because going in for lash refill sessions every few days is definitely not economical

Take a look at our client who came for a refill after 3 weeks. As you can see, the outer corner of her left eye clearly shows bad retention. Moreover, there is a gap in her lash extensions. This is a typical pattern we observe from stomach sleeper.

Best Pillow For Eyelash Extensions

What happens when you repeatedly brush your hands with the pillow, say a hundred times? Typically, your skin cells will dry out and fall off. While this might be good for skin, (called dry brushing), it’s not good news for your lash extensions.

The biggest contributor to this problem is abrasive pillows made out of fabrics like cotton, velvet, polyester, or linen. Just as it is not recommended to use cotton pads around the eyes for removing makeup, cotton pillows are a big no-no too

For starters, cotton pillows are more porous and hence absorb all the moisture. They encourage rubbing coarsely on skin and hair which leads to premature shedding of eyelash extensions. Also, the rough surface of cotton is the chief cause of ‘crush wrinkles’[6] and acne. 

The best pillow to sleep on with eyelash extensions will have a pillowcase made from silk followed by satin. The trick is to choose a soft and smooth surface that won’t roughen your lashes when you’re napping. On top of it, silk is anti-aging since it reduces wrinkles and also prevents bacteria from entering the eye. The smooth fibers of silk pillowcases and bedsheets ensure null or negligible pulling, tangling or snagging on your lash extensions.

Can I Wear a Sleep Mask With Eyelash Extensions

You can wear sleep masks with eyelash extensions. You should opt for 3D masks that prevent compressing your extensions against your eyes. Standard eye masks will cause friction against your extensions and reduce their longevity. 

3D masks are recommended because they leave a gap between the lashes and the mask itself. You’ll feel like you’re looking at a starless sky or inside a sealed pitch-black cave when you wear it. Blinking your eyes or winking them vigorously won’t bother you throughout the night while wearing such an eye mask. 

Cupped masks often look like miniature bras[7] (example: Bucky Eye mask) but do the job exactly as you want it to. 

Moreover, you can sleep on your side or on your back (with your face tilted towards the side) with this mask without worrying about gluing your face to the pillowcase. On top of it, forget about investing in expensive silk pillowcases if you buy this type of eye mask. 

Bedtime Routine to Follow When Wearing Lash Extensions

Getting lash extensions might take under two hours in a good salon, but it’s a long-time commitment. If you want it to make you look more beautiful than sick, you need to take care of a few things. 

First off, you need a bedtime routine. Here’s a stepwise guide to help you adapt to the best one to increase the lifespan of your eyelash extensions: 

  • If you wear makeup, however little it is, the first step is to remove it gently with an oil-free remover before hopping on the bed.
  • Brush your eyelashes and apply the least amount of eye creams as it can seep into the lash adhesive and reduce the retentiveness of lashes while you’re asleep. 
  • To avoid frequent tossing and turning, you should stretch[8] for a few minutes before crashing on the bed. It works by reducing the pain points on your neck, back, and shoulders. 
  • Place a pillow under your knees and two under each arm to prevent rolling[9] to the sides if you’re new to the supine sleeping position. 
  • You can also create a cushion barrier around you until you get acquainted with the back sleeping pose if you’re new to this position. 
  • After waking up in the morning, rinse your lashes with water and brush them with a spoolie wand to bring them back in shape. 

That’s it!

Final Thoughts

Bottom line?  Sleep is the best. Do what you can to ensure your extensions are protected so you can best enjoy your beauty rest. 

It’s important to work out a good sleeping position and habit that doesn’t affect the longevity of your extensions. Taking care of them is crucial for avoiding premature shedding and retaining their curl and shape. 

To ensure that your lash extensions stay intact for weeks-on-end, the first step is to adopt a good sleeping pose. The most recommended position is the supine or back-sleeping pose and the worst is sleeping on your stomach. 

But if you’re a side sleeper who can’t change the pose readily, try sleeping with the lash extensions hanging off the pillow. It will prevent them from crimping, pressing, and rubbing against the bed. 

The next thing is to get a pillowcase made out of silk or satin to prevent abrasions. Such a hypoallergenic option will also prevent tangling and snagging of lashes. Finally, start the six-step bedtime routine as advised above to catch your Zzz’s relaxedly. 

While there isn’t any single solution that will keep your lash extensions intact for several weeks, the above tips will help it stay attached to your natural lashes and in shape for the longest time. If you’re having second thoughts about anything, feel free to explain it in a comment and I’ll get back to you real soon. 

Stay Beautiful! 


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