1. Hi Michele,

    Thank you for your comment! I’m sorry to hear that eyelash extensions are not working out for you. Loosing almost half of your extensions after 1 week is very unusual, when they are properly applied and cared for you should retain about 50% after 3 weeks. If you are noticing that your natural eyelashes are thinning, it could be caused by poor application, poor extension thickness and length vs natural eyelashes, and poor aftercare. You can take a break from eyelash extensions and try a lash serum to help recover your natural eyelashes faster. And in the mean time trying alternatives like strip lashes or magnetic eyelashes can be a good option for you!

  2. After a couple months of lash extensions and then having them removed, my natural eyelashes are nothing like what they used to be. I had long and thick eyelashes and now I barely have any left to even apply mascara, will this damage resolve itself over time ?x

  3. Hi Caitlin, I’m so sorry to hear that you had a bad experience with eyelash extensions. Since you only had them on for a couple months, they will most likely grow back with some time. I might suggest that you can start using a lash serum to help speed up the process!

  4. When I had my extensions done several years a go by a student, they were crispy to the touch. They drove me nuts so i never got them done again. Is that a normal way for them to feel?? Crispy and hard??

  5. How long is a good time to keep eyelashes extensions for ?- Thank you- & also I am terrified about mites?

  6. Hi Patti!

    Not at all. Lash extensions should feel soft and natural. You can think of them as an extension of how your natural lashes feel. Don’t let one bad experience drive you away from lash extensions.

  7. Some of my clients have been with me for years and come every 3 weeks on the dot. When lash extensions are applied properly with good isolation, respect the growth cycle of your natural lashes and respect the weight your natural lashes can support, eyelash extensions can be worn very long term without any risk.

  8. Hi, I had lash extensions for about 2 mo last year. Due to conflicts in scheduling, I went about a month without a refill 2x so I had the service done twice. I started noticing my natural lashes that were growing back were much shorter. I decided to stop getting extensions and let my lashes grow back. This has been almost a year ago. My lashes are still no where near as long as they used to be, they are at least 1/4 inch shorter. I’m 46 so I’ve been applying mascara for many years, this is when the length difference is so obvious bc my mascara goes on completely differently. It’s not in my head, what can I do? What caused this? How can it be possible if all my lashes have to be regrown by now? I don’t understand….

  9. I just got my lashes removed after wearing them for 8 months. They seem to be thinner, is that a thing or am I just not used to them?

  10. Hi Jenn! Do you have before / after pictures of your appointments? This is something we generally take for our clients. Having said that, lash extensions can be addictive and I have had clients who can never go back because they now feel like their natural lashes are just not enough. Maybe you got addicted too 😉

  11. Hi Kelly,

    I’m not sure what is happening since I’ve never had any client experiencing what you are describing. Properly applied lash extensions with proper isolation would not damage your natural lashes, and certainly not cause them to be 1/4 inch smaller. Maybe you can try a lash growth serum? Some of our clients had great success with two products that I have talked about in this article : https://divinelashes.ca/blog/lash-serum-with-eyelash-extensions/

  12. Hi,
    What is your Instagram? Are you taking new clients? How do you know if your lash extensions were not applied properly? I always thought my lash tech was doing a good job until I read this article and now I’m scared for the health of my real lashes 🙁 the set of lashes I just got was poking my eyelid on the outer corner. When my lashes fall out, they always fall out with my lash attached to it. Is it normal for lash extensions to always go in your eye? I always have to pick them out of my eyes.

  13. Hi Krys,

    Here is the link to our Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/divine_lashes/

    Yes of course we are taking new clients. We currently have 4 locations all in Canada. If you wish to book an appointment please visit this page : https://divinelashes.ca/book-appointment/

    It is normal for extensions to fall with the natural lash attached. This is the natural shedding cycle. However, excessive shedding would be a source of concern. And no, lash extensions should never go in your eyes!

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